It’s time to either thank or curse the French American International School which is under construction at 1155 Page Street, the former site of the Florence Martin Child Care Center.
Fielding an official request for determination as to whether a Medical Cannabis Dispensary (MCD) could be established at 505 Divisadero Street, three doors down from Fell and currently home to San Franpsycho, had it not been for the school which will be within 1,000 feet of the property, San Francisco’s Zoning Administrator would have likely determined that an MCD would have been permitted versus having just determined that it’s not.
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Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by Rillion

    I don’t really care either way [about] this dispensary but it seems the 1,000 feet thing is a bit silly. Knowing this neighborhood and looking at the maps shows how it isn’t really that close. I could see not having one on the same or adjacent block, or within site of a school.

  2. Posted by poor.ass.millionaire

    I hate those f’ing things. The more denied the better.

  3. Posted by invented

    Kill it. There’s one in the trailer on Grove/Divis.

  4. Posted by Jackson

    Agree with Invented. One cannabis dispensary in the neighborhood is plenty.

  5. Posted by CloseIT

    The photo sure spells “world class” city, doesn’t it? A neighborhood that now tries to charge psf housing prices as high as some of the most desirable districts in other cities in North America looks like this?

  6. Posted by Rillion

    Last time I walked by grove/divis it did not look like the trailer was still a dispensary. There has been a lot of turnover of the businesses on that section of Divisadero.

  7. Posted by anon hotep

    Speaking of the French American International School, do you have any renderings (or massings) of what that will look like when completed?

  8. Posted by Invented

    “The photo sure spells “world class” city, doesn’t it? A neighborhood that now tries to charge psf housing prices as high as some of the most desirable districts in other cities in North America looks like this?”
    Thousands of trashed period facades. Amazing what passes here but what to do? Local low/interest loans for restoration? Historic organizations to help fund restoration program? Community funding? What’s the incentive for owners to restore facades? Mills Act tax benefit not sure addresses restoration.

  9. Posted by badlydrawnbear

    Umm, there is a dispensary at Divis and Grove, with parking I might add, next to the BBQ place.
    BASA Collective,-122.438092,3a,75y,306.76h,75.78t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1sB30ZMu0ud-1T4D0zTiKPLg!2e0
    Does the neighborhood need two within two blocks of each other?

  10. Posted by radar

    Just legalize the damn weed for Christ sake. Let it be taxed and load the California State coffers.
    While their is a need for these dispensaries for those in real medical need, most there are just stoners getting high. I got a card to assist someone actually ill with stage 4 cancer and saw first hand. Neighborhoods near schools don’t need them no matter how far or near to a school.
    Anyone can get a card and I know for a fact as several people I know have them. LLEGALIZE IT !!

  11. Posted by Rillion

    Hey BDB, I’ll treat you to whatever you want at the Plant It Earth that is across Grove Street in the street view you posted if you buy me dinner at La Urbana at 661 Divisadero Street.
    First thing I did when I asked if it was still there was look at the street view. Of course I noticed that the view was old and therefore unreliable. But thank you for providing the name, it does appear from BASA’s website that they are still open at that location.

  12. Posted by Dana

    French American School’s Page campus renderings:
    It will be the PK3, PK4 and Kindergarten campus.

  13. Posted by Craig

    I think that very building is for sale currently, no? Great neighborhood and good bike access to all the tech happening South of Market in SF (as opposed to Noe et al. down south), IMO.

  14. Posted by 4oceans

    Now this one is a classic. Don’t get me wrong, I love the San Franpsycho guys, but disallowing a pot club in favor of continuing the best rad surf party store in SF would appear to be much more of a negative influence on the little school tykes… if your asking me 🙂

  15. Posted by moz

    “The photo sure spells “world class” city, doesn’t it? A neighborhood that now tries to charge psf housing prices as high as some of the most desirable districts in other cities in North America looks like this?”
    Wow. You must not get out in the city very much. This is pretty typical for the “low dollar” neighborhoods where 2bd/2ba condos without parking go for $800k. You would probably scream if you saw that we still have telephone and electrical wires ABOVE ground, too!

  16. Posted by LAdreaming

    @Moz, funny you should mention 800K as that is the cost of a 1920’s Spanish bungalow with small pool in Silver Lake hills (near Walt Disney’s first estate) that a friend of mine purchased last year. San Francisco prices are even making Los Angeles look desirable, who would have thought?

  17. Posted by Craig

    @moz: Funny you should say that as I am pretty sure a 2/1 flat with no parking just sold for >1 million bucks (1761 Hayes) in this very same “low dollar” neighborhood. Things are changing there and in the surrouding hoods (Alamo Square, Lower Haight, etc) rapidly.

  18. Posted by sf_neighbor

    In my experience, well run dispensaries actually improve neighborhoods. If they’re good operators, I’m in favor!

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