Bridge Housing and the Oakland Housing Authority will officially break ground for 68 affordable apartments to rise at 460 Grand Avenue in Oakland next week.
Located at the corner of Bellevue Avenue across from Lakeside Park in the Adams Point Neighborhood, the AveVista Apartments building will include 3,000 square feet of retail on the ground floor and should be construction complete in the Spring of 2015.
Income restrictions will apply for the apartments.

11 thoughts on “Affordable Apartments And Retail To Rise On Grand Avenue”
  1. This is a great site, and looks to have decent density, although still amazed it takes $400k+ per unit to deliver any type of housing unit.
    It looks like it was originally planned as 74 units; I wonder why it was reduced to 68? Also, how many parking spaces? 3,000 sf retail seems low for such a large building. Will it be parking on the first floor behind the glass?

  2. This is a prime location. The lake is right there so I think market rate housing would have been a far better option.
    I’m fine with the height but that design reminds me of Marriott Courtyard chic… Something else please!

  3. Doesn’t seem like the best or most profitable solution for this site; if this was owned by the city it seems like it could have been sold for development of at least twice as many high-market rate apts, with that city profit building twice as many affordable units elsewhere. (But I just made that up, knowing nothing of real estate finance and city governance.) I’ve speculated for years how a good high-rise would look here, accompanying the two others already well-integrated into the neighborhood.
    But it’s been shamefully underused for a long long time, so this is good enough. Just hope the built product doesn’t look too much like Pleasanton.

  4. I’m of the mindset that this should have been a market rate project and the spoils of selling the land gone toward building more affordable housing units were it’s harder to build market rate. Also, this is a heavily trafficked corridor where commercial vacancy is near zero, so why only 3,000 square feet of commercial space? When you build deficient commercial space you’ll see it sit empty (like at the newer Uptown complex) which gives the wrong idea that commercial space isn’t viable in the area when it’s the crappy format that isn’t viable.

  5. Agree Matt. Also, they could have built this 20% taller. Great views from this location… Definitely a missed opportunity.

  6. Maybe the parking is potentially usable as retail space in the future? I read they were doing that in New York. Might explain the windows, anyway.

  7. You’re probably right Alai. If you look at the design of many urban parking garages these days you’ll see that the first floor is all flat and with higher ceilings than needed for a parking garage. This makes it easier to convert the first floor from garage space to commercial or living space. You still need room for the car entry/exit and ramps to other floors, but that space is minor.

    1. Application process has begun as of August. By October the lottery will have been over & the background process will have begin. Move in’s around December/January.

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