While mostly timeshares but including houses, condos and undeveloped parcels of land, including the Telegraph Hill parcel facing the Filbert Street steps outlined above, there are currently over 600 properties in San Francisco which have been in a tax-defaulted state for over five years and which the City’s Tax Collector would like to sell at public auction.

With the backing of its Budget and Finance Committee, next week San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors is poised to authorize the sale which would occur in May.

The list of all 611 properties which could be sold:

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by joe

    Is there a link where we can see the list of properties?
    [Editor’s Note: The full list has since been added above.]

  2. Posted by random

    What is your source for this information though? Is there a City website?

  3. Posted by mpd

    Does anyone know how a purchase of a timeshare would go down?

  4. Posted by Osman

    Is there anyway to get a pdf of this list so I can print it?

  5. Posted by Michael

    Where is the actual source?

  6. Posted by Jake

    this looks like the pdf of the list. it is file/item 140050 from date 02/12/14 for BOS.

  7. Posted by Gordon

    Thanks for posting the PDF link, Jake. Too bad these are by APN number rather than addresses. It would be great if someone (Socketsite?) could plot these on a map or maybe just do a post on some of the more interesting/valuable ones.

  8. Posted by Joseph A

    Yup , more then 1/2 of the listings are Time Shares , the balance are mostly Empty Lots that would probably need a Million each just to work through the approval process just to build

  9. Posted by noe mom

    Did anyone see the article about the Gray Brothers in today’s Chronicle? This is under where they did all their blasting. In fact there have been rock slides there. Maybe that is why it is available.

  10. Posted by TESLA

    Don’t forget to check the width of the lots. There are a large number of lots that are only 6 inches wide. Builders would Deed the 6 inch lots to the buildings on either side of a building they would tear down and replace with a new building. A friend of mine bought one on Russian hill with great views a few years ago. It is probably on the list, now.

  11. Posted by BobN

    Whenever a govt agency presents data in such a way, I’m inclined to think that obstruction is the main goal.

  12. Posted by Jim Keith

    Very interesting the private road “presidio Terrace” Block 1355 lot 001 was sold at the auction for just over $90,000. I believe senator Feinstein lives there or used to. It will be interesting to see how the buyer derives any value from this purchase. The fee title owner would certainly would be able to use the road so he could not be excluded from the property… But the other property owners have rights to the road as well..Could get nasty!

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