If approved, the 1,346 square foot former ReJoyce Books store across from the Nob Hill Trader Joe’s and CVS on Hyde Street will be turned into Liquid Gold, “a public beer and wine tasting room and retail store specializing in local craft beer and small-batch wines.”
Despite opposition from one vocal member of the public who is concerned with an over-concentration of bars, alcohol related criminal activity, and an “influx of chronic inebriates occupying sidewalks” in the Lower Nob Hill neighborhood, the Planning Department is recommending that the Planning Commission approve Liquid Gold’s application to operate at 1040 Hyde Street.

5 thoughts on “Panning (And Planning) For Liquid Gold On Hyde Street”
  1. This building sold within the last year or so. I remember checking it out and thinking that a bar or Philz or something would be perfect, and add a lot of value. Didn’t have the scratch to do the deal then. Oh well, glad someone is making a go of it.

  2. “chronic inebriates”? Hmmmph.
    I think that some people who oppose businesses think that they need to exaggerate grandly to get their voice heard, much like the folks who claim that a project will bring Armageddon to their neighborhood. One of my favorites was a guy who opposed a new restaurant by claiming it wound attract gang bangers from far and wide who would cause regular shootouts in the streets. That restaurant turned out to attract senior citizens instead. Unarmed, non color wearing, law abiding senior citizens.

  3. Nothing ruins a neighborhood faster than local craft beer and small-batch wine. I hate that every time I walk past the homeless encampment along 7th St I have to wade through piles of Almanac beer and Blackbird wine bottles.

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