While at least one of the six new condominiums at 300-350 Cornwall Street sold for $1,000 more than its $1,499,000 list price this past August and $1,066 per square foot, the prices for the remaining units have been cut by around 15 percent with prices now starting at $1,249,000 ($919 per square) for 340 Cornwall Street which had originally been listed for $1,499,000 as well.

From an agent’s email with respect to the price cuts forwarded by a plugged-in tipster: “November brings great news for new home buyers.” That is, of course, unless you bought in August.


Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by sf

    A rather odd area.. it’s like living on a traffic median.

  2. Posted by anon

    I had to look this up on a map. BFE.

  3. Posted by asiago

    instant (negative) equity!

  4. Posted by Rob

    I saw these up close not too long ago… very nice, indeed. The area is actually far more comfortable than Google Maps makes it seem. Close to shops, cafes and parks… I’d buy one in a min if I had the means.

  5. Posted by Tim Bracken

    BFE? It’s a block away from all the restaurants and shops on Clement Street in the Inner Richmond (not to mention the less-scenic but still bustling corridor on Geary a block further away). It’s not the Mission by any stretch, but it’s pretty lively there on the weekend or a Friday/Saturday night.

  6. Posted by Zig

    This is a very good location actually

  7. Posted by Moto mayhem

    Great neighborhood, 2 blks from presidio, 1 from Lake, 1 from clement, 8 from laurel village and a couple from Geary but the condos are right next to 1 California busstop. They are also ugly and completely out of character for the neighborhood. The average in the neighborhood is about 650-700/sq ft. A lot of very nice victorians

  8. Posted by formidable doer of the nasty

    Nice location. Used to live a few blocks from there on Lake St, and except for being on the wrong side of the fog meridian it’s a great, lively and safe neighborhood.

  9. Posted by condos

    Units look nice and the location is great. It is a bit odd that you have these brand new condos in the middle of the Inner Richmond.

  10. Posted by Moto mayhem

    Tim, this area is 10x better than the mission for anyone over 25 or anyone not gang affiliated or mission hipsters or mission yuppies. In other word this area is better for smart working professionals who are not superficial or vapid

  11. Posted by Elizabeth

    The interiors of these condos are absolutely gorgeous and the floor plans are perfect for entertaining. I love the venetian plaster walls highlighting the fireplace and other areas. On the One California line – thank you.

  12. Posted by FedUp

    I just looked up this location and agree with Moto mayhem, I would FAR prefer this location to the Mission. I am a big user of the Presidio for biking and jogging, as well as belonging to Masters Swimming there. This is closer to my favorite restaurant SPRUCE, and also to the Presidio Social Club restaurant and Garibaldis. Since I do not work 40 miles south of the city, I have no need to live near the southern freeways and since I am over the age of 30, I have no desire to select a neighborhood for its hipster approval.

  13. Posted by steve

    But it IS basically on a traffic island. Very uncomfortable site.

  14. Posted by Alai

    I toured it, and found the layout really weird. The condos have most of their space on one floor, but with a staircase connecting to tiny space on a different floor. It seems to me they should have made each flat on a single level, eliminating the rather pointless hallway on the second floor and all the interior staircases. You’d end up with 8 or 9 condos which wouldn’t be all that much smaller than the existing ones, because they’d make much more effective use of the space.
    I like the look of it from the outside, though, for the most part.

  15. Posted by frozentoast

    Very convenient location! Close to Presidio, close to GG park, close to GG bridge access, on bus line, one block from good Irish bars and dim sum on Clement, several blocks from Laural village but very walkable. Walk to temple emanuel.
    This is a condo and not a house so it’s all about convenient location. Being on the ‘median’ works IMO.

  16. Posted by Willow

    “But it IS basically on a traffic island. Very uncomfortable site.”
    Agreed. A far from ideal lot and I suspect that’s what has caused the price reduction.
    It’s actually refreshing to see buyers exercise some caution.
    I feel bad for the August buyer. Perhaps they can negotiate a credit with the builder?

  17. Posted by Tim Bracken

    “Tim, this area is 10x better than the mission for anyone over 25 or anyone not gang affiliated or mission hipsters or mission yuppies. In other word this area is better for smart working professionals who are not superficial or vapid.” –Moto mayhem
    Judging the judgmental. I like the irony. To be clear though, I wasn’t expressing an opinion on the Mission, only pointing out to the original commenter that while the Inner Richmond may not be as lively as s/he prefers, it’s definitely not the middle of nowhere.

  18. Posted by Boo

    @moto and @FedUp – Do you have an ex-girlfriend/boyfriend/wife/husband that lives in the Mission? Because I’m wondering what makes you feel like you have to pick on a whole community to validate your own life choices. It’s OK. You’re perfectly fine the way you are. Besides, I think the comment about not being the Mission wasn’t in regard to quality of life or the quality of the people. I’m pretty sure the comment was related to access to the “BFE” remark. This place is definatley not BFE but it is not the Mission either. Makes sense if you’re not defensive about things.
    My feeling, having lived in both north and south sides of town, is that this is a solid location. Just a little foggy at times. But Clement and Laurel Village together have you covered for most everything and having the Presidio and GGP so close ia a great amenity. And you have an express bus to downtown. Nice place to live. Maybe it’s just the design as some people have mentioned.

  19. Posted by FedUp

    O.K., I agree the Mission can be fine, but I find it interesting how people on the south side of the city in places like Bernal and beyond somehow feel northern neighborhoods like the inner Richmond, Presidio Heights, or even the Marina are somehow so far away from everything. I have read people’s comments here that “Cow Hollow is not a desirable neighborhood” and that they “never visit the Marina because they can’t stand the people”, etc. etc. I actually find the northern part of the city filled with the types of places that I feel make San Francisco unique and feel much more in the center of things than I would down in the far south side. I really think it all comes down to where you work and in my case, I do not work in Palo Alto or Cupertino, so I never even gave consideration to southern neighborhoods. If I did not live near the Presidio, Crissy Field and have views of the Golden Gate I am not sure San Francisco would be worth the high $$$.

  20. Posted by formidable doer of the nasty

    I’ve lived in the Inner Richmond. And I would much, MUCH rather move back there than to the Pission.

  21. Posted by moto mayhem

    youre right boo. i was being judgemental. its just that the hipsters are so judgemental.
    I would much prefer to live near professional ivy leaguers who are smart and accomplished than 40 yr old hipsters who never grow up. Not to mention, there are no homeless people in this area and it is closer to Marin. Much prefer Marin the the Peninsula.
    The southsiders constantly berate northsiders as fedup says, but smart people who dress the same (plaid) and ride carbon road bikes are just much more interesting than middlings who dress the same(skinny jeans)and ride fixies

  22. Posted by jaybee

    I live in this neighborhood and it has been discovered by the hipsters lately. The Apple, Google and FB buses stop on Park Presidio and Geary and there is a steady influx of craft beer shops, plaid shirt stores and $5 latte places on Clement St.

  23. Posted by 7 by 7

    People are funny and always looking for their own tribe. Northside vs Southside, yawn. SF has a lot of different colors and styles, gotta love it all.
    What’s cool about living on a “traffic median” is that you’ve got light coming from all sides. That’s not easily found in condo/boxes that are often narrow and hallway-like.

  24. Posted by NoeValleyJim

    I wonder if some of the Old Money crowd is starting to feel the seismic changes taking place. The center of gravity of The City is definitely moving south.

  25. Posted by jlasf

    Lots of comments about the location, but I want to give a standing ovation to the architecture. In the vast sea of boring, cookie cutter apartment buildings, it’s nice to see something fresh. This should have been in Mission Bay, an area that needs some architectural excitement.

  26. Posted by frozentoast

    One thing that will never change is the geography/topography. The northern parts will always have the panoramic bay views, proximity to Presidio, Crissy, and the 10 minute drive to the financial district offices.

  27. Posted by two beers

    It’s hilarious watching you used house salesmen piss on each other’s territories.

  28. Posted by Boo

    @moto and @fedup
    I still think you two should give yourselves the gift of letting go of all that baggage you’re carrying and simply allow others to be who they are without feeling threatened by them. I really don’t think there are large groups of “others” out there trashing you. That’s just in your head. And I’m sure a majority of people in town will agree that the north side is beautiful but I don’t believe a majority thinks that all folks in the north side are d-bags. And I would argue that a majority of people think the city has much more going for it than only Crissy Field, views of GGB, and the Presidio. Housing costs in other parts of town is evidence of that. But it’s cool, having pride in your hood is positive. Just make room for others to have pride in theirs too. It should be encouraged. It would make everyone’s experience in the City even better.

  29. Posted by Kathleen

    Must be minamilist to love interior architecture. Hate the kindergardente block stacked excterior. Block location is DUR.
    More than one chair and the room is too crowded. I dislike the design, but I am old and crabby formerly known as experienced and educated – it is true I am an old woman.
    Where is my burkah, my whipped scars?
    Doris Lessing is Dead.

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