While it’s not a done deal, when the Sports Basement vacates the Presidio’s former Commissary building in order to make way for the winner of the Presidio Trust’s Cultural Center competition, the retailer will most likely be moving down Mason Street to the warehouses at the Marina Gate.


As proposed, the seven warehouses at the eastern entrance to the Presidio will be renovated, connected, and their loading docks extended to yield 93,000 square feet of space for the retailer and nearly 30,000 square feet of exterior deck and courtyards for strolling, gathering, and events.


Parking for the new Sports Basement would be accommodated within the 213-space parking lot which will be built behind and beside the warehouses as part of the ongoing Doyle Drive project.

19 thoughts on “The Sports Basement’s New Presidio Home”
  1. Does this move thus obviate or reduce the need for the commissary site to produce several million dollars in revenue for the Presidio?

  2. d-b was that an snarky comment or serious? Looks like plentiful parking to me. At their location on Bryant Sports Basement does well with almost no dedicated parking (about 20 spaces in their basement), though it’s a more “urban” location with on-street metered parking available. Similar businesses, like REI, have very limited dedicated parking as well.

  3. Great to see more vacant Presidio properties repurposed. That area is one of the parts of the Presidio that really needs some adaptive reuse. Now if we can just get George Lucas into the existing space.

  4. Perhaps they will make each building house a different sport. With some fresh, modern design, it could be a great retail complex in a great location.

  5. There is additional parking across Mason in Crissy Field. Are the non-profits being moved to other spaces to make room for Sports Basement?

  6. Some of these warehouses were occupied by Exploratorium research staff and personnel before their move to Pier 15.
    How many parking spaces were there before at the current SB site? Most of the time I go there, the lot is never full. Whenever it is full, it is the weekend or there is an event along Crissy Field and the cars parked in the lot are usually not SB customers.

  7. It would be great to keep space for the SFOCC (Outrigger canoe club) as a continued part of the Presidio Sports Basement. Great way to experience the Bay.

  8. hopefully, then can build more parking next to it. this is the hub for athletes to meet and would be a shame for city to lose that.

  9. Guess I’m sorta missing the point of this exercise. They’re moving Sports Basement down the street in order to tear down their current building and put up something new. Why not put the new museum at this (more walkable from the Marina and Lombard St.) location where it might even leverage the space now vacated by the Exploratorium?

  10. The World War I-era warehouses along Mason are probably considered too historic to tear down.
    Also, the current Sports Basement location is a deeper lot with an easy walk from the Main Post.

  11. It’s not an easy walk from main post because they destroyed halleck with the new Doyle . I think the closure of halleck sucks as its so much harder to access Chrissy field on foot from other parts of presidio

  12. I don’t want a museum with 300 parking spots in the presidio. It’s the only area in SF you can go to get away. Golden gate park is a sh$tshow. I want the presidio to stay nice. I don’t want tourists to ruin it. They’re already widening run trails and cutting trees all over the place to accommodate fat Midwestern and German tourists. It was much nice and more rustic 10 yrs ago. Please stop ruining it with this stuff. We need beautiful park space for people to get away. Museums can go in commercial areas.

  13. Well, as long as Sports Basement remains in the area and continues to have sufficient parking and covered space for athlete community events, then I’m OK.
    And then build the Lucas museum – it’s the only proposal that has funding, so there’s no reason to fiddle around with those other stupid things nobody would visit.

  14. Ugh, awful location for this. I like Sports Basement, I’ve spent money there at their current location. I still don’t understand why the Presidio Trust doesn’t just leave the old PX there for now… oh right, they want another billionaire to have their own personal museum there, I keep forgetting. Same on me for thinking that National RECREATION areas are meant for private commercial enterprises and ego museums.

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