Listed for $6,500,000 in May and reduced to $5,995,000 in June, the three-bedroom penthouse atop the new three-unit “Jackson Place” development is in contract to be sold.


Atop the two-level condo, a glass enclosed pent room opens to a terrace with an outdoor kitchen, barbeque, and a patch of synthetic green:


Designed by Riaz Taplin of Artthaus, the 2064 Jackson Street condo features three bedrooms, two and one-half baths, two parking spaces, keyed elevator access, and “full concierge services,” hence the HOA dues of $1,985 per month.


The unit was purchased for $1,875,000 at the end of 2011 prior to being rebuilt and expanded to become the penthouse atop Jackson Place.

We’ll let you know when and at what price the condo closes escrow. The other two three-bedrooms below sold for $3,995,000 and $4,000,000 last month.

∙ Listing: 2064 Jackson Street (3/2.5) – $5,995,000 []

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by noodle

    Does anyone have a rough sense of what “concierge services” are included in that HOA?

  2. Posted by jenofla

    At a minimum, I hope they at least keep those air plants in the lobby alive.

  3. Posted by Booboo

    I wondered about the concierge services as well. Has to be more than changing out roses in that bizarre wall.

  4. Posted by Svetlana

    those are TULIPS people. shizah minnelli!

  5. Posted by hkjkjh

    I live really close and walk by this place frequently. Half the block has been a construction war zone for ages. I really hope they ditch the whole “Jackson Place” sign garbage as it is really tacky compared to the neighboring properties.

  6. Posted by mikey woodz

    Im a fan of modern and like a few things they did here, but right off the bat those huge house #’s and “jackson Place” looks like amatuer hour… and they really brought way to many mixed wallpapers/stone surfaces and tile into this….Nice reveals, doors and floors tho…but 6m my TIC looks better than this!

  7. Posted by conifer

    How could anyone spend $6m on this flat? Especially with the pretentious “Jackson Place” and a few bits of grass coming through the holes on the metal wall.
    I guess that this ordinary SF flat may be worth $2m, including the expensive tarting up and a couple of nice bathrooms, and the rest of the price is for the view.
    Mickey mentions “mixed wallpapers” which is really not here. The taste for a different wallpaper in each room is very old, and is often seen as upholstered walls, not just paper. It exists, to considerable, often beautiful effect, in a number of older houses around here, but also in rich neighborhoods back east and in Europe.
    This flat is really for someone who likes white, and clean lines.
    The longer this goes on, the less likely it is a bubble. Who would have predicted just three years ago?

  8. Posted by jlasf

    Yes, I realize it’s a minor thing to pick on, but the name and address numbers in front are really, really bad. Is it vulgar or overly hip or something…?

  9. Posted by berk

    Live right nearby and walk by frequently – the “Jackson Place” branding, etc. on the front looks like a nightmare I had in 1988.

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