Recently commissioned to paint for a European pop star whom shall not be named, up and coming local artist Casey O’Connell’s mural The Space Between currently adorns the side of a Glen Park house on Lippard Avenue, a glimpse of which can be caught from the street.

According to a plugged-in tipster, while “Casey paints love,” the owners of the home are preparing to paint over the piece. So if you’d love to pay your respects, now is the time.

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by nowonderitcostssomuchhere

    Uh…the photos are cool, but I find it a bit creepy to encourage people to look at this mural since you can’t really see this from the street. And for that reason, I hope the owners enjoy whatever comes up next on their wall since it’s a private space.

  2. Posted by paul

    Not so private- the mural is visible from the street (although not in this google street view.)

  3. Posted by Luke

    Such a loss.
    Can we steal the side of the house?

  4. Posted by John

    I have seen this beautiful mural before. It is well worth checking out. I don’t quite understand the circumstances BUT it is very sad to see a beautiful piece of artwork like this destroyed. See it while you can.

  5. Posted by linda

    It is such a HAPPY place. So sad to see it go.

  6. Posted by Devon

    Another AWESOME work by Ms. Casey!
    Everyone should trek over to see it–leave a note for the owners about how much you appreciate the mural.

  7. Posted by Deepa

    What a shame! Casey’s work is so evocative and enlivens a home…particularly love the use and incorporation of negative space in this piece. Casey really does paint love–while this is an unfortunate turn of events, it won’t keep her down. Love wins…!

  8. Posted by natasha

    i have seen this mural many times and absolutely love it!!!

  9. Posted by Jesse

    So sad to see such a beautiful work of art disappear. Hope the owner reconsiders.

  10. Posted by m

    …those who cannot create tend to destroy. 🙁

  11. Posted by Liz

    Casey’s work is timeless. It will be an asset to the community for years to come. Her love themes bring to light all that we hope to be. Aspirational, inspirational. This is simply a beautiful piece. Through and through.

  12. Posted by Jennifer

    Casey’s art is shining LIGHT on this planet. We need more light and less darkness. It’s no longer an option to cover up or destroy this light–LOVE WINS! This work is such a beautiful gift to San Francisco.

  13. Posted by thurgie

    Do the owners have Casey’s permission to paint over this? I believe Anne and Gordon Getty got in trouble for painting over a mural without the artist’s consent. There is legal precedent for this.

  14. Posted by Jennifer Kass

    I feel that the destruction of art is self-destruction, since art is love and we are made of love. I own one of Casey’s paintings and there’s no single object that I cherish more.

  15. Posted by Anon

    The owners can repaint their house the way they freaking please.

  16. Posted by Casey O'Connell

    I appreciate everyone’s love and support, but I respect the owner’s right to do with their home whatever makes them happiest.
    Love Love

  17. Posted by ptron

    this mural is gorgeous and i highly recommend folks making the trek to see it in the case that the owners don’t change their mind! hopefully for the rest of us, we’ll be able to see more of the artists work elsewhere!

  18. Posted by lman

    Private piece of art that belongs to the owner, theirs to do as they wish, but too bad.

  19. Posted by SFperson

    First of all the mural isnt going to be painted over second of all Casey should spend her time working on her craft instead of riling up everyone she knows why the owners are not happy with her. As far as their property goes there is NO legal precedent for painting ones own home period.

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