A salt water pool sits between the Eichler at 1002 Del Ganado Road and San Rafael’s Sleepy Hollow Open Space Preserve, a 20 minute drive to the Golden Gate Bridge per Google maps.
Built in 1961, the modern home has been modernized a bit more, a fact that’s sure to infuriate the Eichler purists but interest others even more.

And with four bedrooms and two full baths, the home has just hit the market listed for $985,000.
∙ Listing: 1002 Del Ganado Road, San Rafael (4/2) – $985,000 [marinmodern.com]

12 thoughts on “A Modern Eichler For A Million (Over In Marin)”
  1. It’s only 2000 sq ft – why do Eichler’s have such a premium? Is it because this style is no longer being built?

  2. Yes, style is (with few rare and mostly urban/high-density exceptions) not being built. And come on, this is a gorgeous setting with good schools and a modern high end remodel! If it were in Palo Alto it would sell for twice the price.

  3. Is that a premium? $472 per sq ft? Looks like the interior updates are pretty recent.
    I really like the Eichler architecture – open and light, with a Scandinavian-like feel to it. Compare them to the crap that was being built in SF during the same period – think little boxes in the outer Sunset, yuck! The trouble with the Eichlers is the construction quality. They are famously high-maintenance.

  4. Beautiful location and it appears nicely finished, but if you look at street view, the neighborhood is kinda dumpy – which may explain the low per sf price.

  5. Prefer the Eichler homes in Lucas Valley location wise. Same price in SF you get an inward-facing 1200sf cramped condo sometimes overlooking dumpsters, where you can hear your neighbors flush the toilet. In SR — you can live in 2000sf, privacy, pool, 85 degrees no fog, protected gorgeous state land out the door. Light rail under construction fom San Rafael to the Mendocino border. Seems fab to me!

  6. SHHHH! Let’s try to keep the Lucas Valley Eichler enclave secret please. It is my hope to cash out of my city real estate and move up there someday.

  7. @Invented: And for the price of 2000 sqft in San Rafael you can get 10,000 sq ft on 8 acres in Oklahoma. Or imagine what you could get in South Sudan for a million dollars. So what’s your point?

  8. formidable doer of the nasty
    As someone looking for a home in the Bay Area for my small family is it totally relevant as is the poor public transit
    I would love to move up to Marin with my family but the commuting issues in a two income (trap) family make it tough
    3/4 of SF is depressing looking

  9. So much of my youth was spent in homes like this. When the cops bust the parties you hop the fence and escape to the hills.
    Location is okay, short drive to 101, and then the ferry building for the float into FiDi. At least the Ferry has a bar, something BART lacks.

  10. Why Eichler?
    1.)Unlike the crappy city condo units that pretend to be “luxury”, Eichler homes were built for the middle class and were constructed to be truly affordable and did not pretend to be something they were not.
    2.)Eichler communities originally provided financing to working people who could not usually easily afford housing. (especially teachers)
    3.)Eichler broke down the color barrier in suburban neighborhoods by selling and encouraging African American families to purchase homes in the suburbs.
    4.)Eichler homes are actually built for the California regional climate and have excellent cross ventilation.

  11. Nice looking place. Will sell no problem. Though listing agent is smoking crack if she believes it is a 20 minute commute to GGB. One would be lucky to get to 4th and A street in SR in 20 minutes.

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