With the Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for Millennium’s proposed 550-foot tower to rise at 706 Mission Street certified two months ago, this week San Francisco’s Planning Commission will hold a special session in which the 47-story tower with up to 215 condos over a four floor Mexican Museum is expected to be approved to be built upon the site:

Amongst the items on the Commission’s agenda, reclassifying the project site (click image above to enlarge) from a 400-foot to a 520-foot Height and Bulk District and agreeing that the building’s shadows would not be adverse to the neighborhood or Union Square.
The adjacent Aronson Building would be rehabilitated and attached to the tower. Parking for the development would be below-grade within the existing Jessie Square Garage with a total of 470 parking spaces, of which 210 would be public and 260 private.
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9 thoughts on “A Big Week And New Renderings For A Big SoMa Tower To Rise”
  1. I just noticed the trees on the Aronson roof. I wonder if that will be a public space or just for the residents. Hopefully, the former. It will provide an interesting perspective on Yerba Buena.

  2. Just me, or are they seriously messing with perspective in that bottom rendering? Market Street has never seemed more distant to me than it does there.

  3. No mention that the building might get chopped by 40 feet?
    “In response to the concerns regarding shadow raised by the Board of Supervisors, the Project Sponsor has proposed reducing the height of the proposed tower from a maximum roof height of 520 feet, to a roof height of 480 feet. The sculpted roofline shown in the previous iteration of the project would be retained, with the top of the mechanical penthouse reaching a height of 510 feet. No other changes to the tower envelope or architectural expression are proposed. The reduction in tower height would also reduce the number of dwelling units from a minimum of 162 units to a minimum of 145 units. As a result of the reduced height, the Project sponsor is no longer seeking approval of the “office flex” option described in the April 11 staff report.”

  4. God, this town can be painfully provincial sometimes.
    Because a bunch of rich NIMBYs who live in a high rise, want to prevent another high rise from being built next door – the planning commission throws a forty foot piece offering….
    The NIMBYs walk away with just enough of a taste of power in their mouths…

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