535 Mission Street Rendered

Having acquired the 535 Mission Street site for $71 million just a few months ago, Boston Properties quickly restarted construction on the HOK-designed office tower, the construction of which was suspended in October of 2008 when rents were headed the wrong way.


The 27-story tower will rise 378 feet with retail and a new plaza on the ground floor. The building should be ready for tenant improvements to the shell floors in October 2014. An animated flyover of the fully rendered tower and a peek inside:

9 thoughts on “535 Mission Street Tower Rendered, Rising, And Ready In 2014”
  1. Interesting, the flyover skyline is fairly recent. You can see the 4th building of the 1st & Howard complex clearly under construction. Yet they chose to show a completed transbay terminal. Just an observation.

  2. Too bad its only going to be 378 feet! It would be a lot better if it would raise at least 500ft! It would fit better into the environment instead of getting looked down upon by the current and future buildings!

  3. Amazing how fast Swinerton has been moving on this, leaving that other Mission St. project a block down in the dust. Now, if only I felt like the Transbay Terminal was making progress.

  4. @ wiger toods: They included the Transbay Gardens – which is a selling point of the building – but omitted the actual tower itself – which would block views.

  5. Did anyone else notice the bus ramp bridge that looks a lot like the easter span of the bay bridge? If you look closely behind the phrase “Located in the heart of SOMA” you can make out the bridge tower… pretty nice if you ask me.

  6. @ Alex. It would easily have the 550’+ height for TCDP but Beacon wanted to this thing entitled back before the EIR was approved, and was limited to existing zoning.

  7. CVLawyer: that’s because this building site was cleared/shored and the piles were driven long ago. 350 Mission (assuming that’s what you are referring to) had to start with demolition of an existing building before even prepping the site for eventual start of construction. 535 had a major headstart.
    Jlasf: the Transbay Tower will have zero effect on the views from this tower. 100 First will block out all views directly east of 535 already and Transbay will stand directly in line with that. I think they didn’t include it because it’s not yet under construction (unlike the terminal) and because it would detract from the building they want to highlight due to its immense scale. Totally agree on the selling point angle of the park though. And I’m really happy to see Shaw Alley turned into a pedestrian plaza. Maybe Salt House will add some outdoor seating there.
    Alex: I’ve seen that in a couple of different renderings lately. I’m hoping we’ll soon see something about that bridge from the TJPA.

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