The redevelopment of Channel 7’s old West Coast broadcasting building site at 277 Golden Gate Avenue is nearly complete with the Tenderloin development between Hyde and Leavenworth slated to hit the market as “The Lofts at Seven” this July.
With 88 rental units, The Lofts at Seven’s offering will inlcude 31 studios, 12 junior one-bedrooms, and 45 split-level one-bedroom lofts with 18-foot ceilings:

Studios range from 275 square feet to 450 square feet, junior one bedrooms from 400 to 525 square feet, and one bedroom lofts from 400 square feet to 850 square feet. A 6,500-square-foot roof deck will be outfitted with an outdoor cinema, barbeques, and fire pit.

11 thoughts on “Rebroadcasting As “The Lofts At Seven” In The Tenderloin”
  1. I know someone has to be the trailblazer and begin to gentrify this area a bit, but jeeze, these would have to be close to free to get me to live there.
    Hopefully these are successful and it will encourage others to invest in the area.

  2. Pretty sure there’s going to be a trademark case over the use of the circle-7. That said, it looks like a Hyatt.

  3. I know gray is the trendy neutral right now, but… the windowless corner tower with the 7 wants some color. Maybe a muralist could dress it up, or better yet, a mosaic.

  4. It’s very central to say the least and this area is bound to improve tremendously. Then again there’s the Mental Health Clinic 2 doors down (the leftmost building on the “before” picture).
    The tenderloin is well known for its crazies, on or off their meds. Well, you’re right in the center of the action. Enjoy.

    according to the website.
    There may be other vibrant sensory experiences too.
    Still, any attempt to reclaim this most neglected central city area in the western world is welcome. Good luck to the developers!

  6. As a U.C. Hastings law student, I’m guessing this will attract a decent amount of attention from Hastings students. The school shares this building’s property line and already several hundred students live in the 24 story building on McAllister & Leavenworth, aka “the tower” by Hastings students. I’m curious what the rents will be.

  7. These places look fantastic and they’re a great central location. Area is improving quickly and the TL has shrunk significantly in the last ten years. Sign me up for a Reporter’s studio!

  8. At first you think, well they redeveloped some old building… which kind of explains why it looks so bland. Then you look at google street view and see that it was recently a hole in the ground. They built this sucker from scratch! Wow.

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