Speaking of modern Bay Area homes and tours, the AIA’s 2013 Marin Living: Home Tours will open the doors to five modern homes in Marin next month.
The homes to be featured, including the Multicellular House above and The Shack below:

1. Multicellular House (Mill Valley)
2. House on the Bay (Tiburon)
3. Legacy House (San Rafael)
4. Dominican Sisters House of Formation (San Rafael)
5. The Shack (Ross)
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5 thoughts on “The AIA’s 2013 Marin Living: Home Tours Lineup And Preview”
  1. Puddles? I thought those were mosquito breeding ponds. 🙂
    It is an interesting looking building and the photographer took full advantage of the unusual perspective and the reflections off of the roof. Nice to see some inspiring design.

  2. The Multi-cellular house seems so wasteful. Its developed by the trust fund Architect himself. All those fussy forms and wall area/ roof area for not much floor area. And heaven forbid if you hurt or I dunno, have aging parents come to visit- that interior stair is super unsafe. BAD DESIGN being promoted by the AIA.

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