Washington Square Park
The 2.26-acre Washington Square, San Francisco Landmark No. 226, was established in 1850 and re-designed in 1958 with a large central lawn transected by concrete walking paths and a one-story “convenience station” at the northwest corner of the park.
As proposed, the existing 291 square-foot station with two toilets in the Women’s room and one toilet and urinal in the Men’s room will be razed and a new 625 square- foot station will rise in its place with an additional toilet and sink for the women and an additional urinal and sink for the Men and another noteworthy design element:

Noting “the current building’s exterior niches are used as a restroom after hours,” the new building is “intentionally designed to avoid deep niches.” Perhaps Washington Square could use a “pPod” as well.
San Francisco’s Historic Preservation Commission will vote on whether or not to approve the proposed design on Wednesday.
Proposed Dolores Park pPod: A Pissoir To Manage Public Urination [SocketSite]

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