Having failed to take hold in 2008, North Beach business owners and residents are once again banding together in an attempt to create a Community Benefit District (CBD) along Broadway between Columbus Avenue and Montgomery Street and south to Pacific Avenue.
Funds collected from property owners within the CBD could be used to increase safety and security while the organization itself could lobby for other changes to rebrand the area, such as encouraging the shift of liquor licenses from clubs and bars to local restaurants or trying to reduce the number of neighborhood liquor licenses overall.
North Beach residents, businesses mobilize to change Broadway [sfexaminer.com]

One thought on “Banding Together In An Attempt To Rebrand Broadway”
  1. Lower Broadway used to have some cool clubs–The Stone, Mabuhay Gardens, but then the neighbors got together to chase them out, so I say poo on them, literally! When Tom Ammiano’s Homeless Bill of Rights becomes law, lets put all the homeless bathrooms on Lower Broadway,and make it the shithole that it truly deserves to be.

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