The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed the day at 14,253.77, up 8.8 percent for the year and a new all-time high, having doubled in value since 2009. The S&P 500 closed the day at 1,539.79, within 2 percent of an all-time high.

Facebook closed the day at $27.52 a share, 27.58 percent below its IPO price of $38 nine months ago. Speaking of which, having been reduced to $3,399,000 in January and briefly in contract after three months on the market, 1507 Noe is once again active and available.

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  1. Posted by spencer

    the stock market has really blown away housing as an investment over the past 5, 10 and 15 yrs

  2. Posted by futurist

    Oh, I wouldn’t say that. The stock market has been pretty awesome, yes. Some valley’s but some roaring comebacks. I have no complaints with my 30 year portfolio.
    As for housing, well let’s just say: Those of us who bought in Noe, Glen Park, Potrero, Dolores, Upper Market, etc. In fact, almost anywhere, back, oh say about 25-30 years ago, when a house, say like mine, was sold for $100-150k.
    Plenty of us have done well.

  3. Posted by REpornaddict

    Not sure stock market has done better – all depends on personal situation.
    The only house I;ve bought and sold in that timeframe, I sold and got back 20 fold what I invested.
    Can anyone say the same for a stock market investment….?

  4. Posted by shza

    Can anyone say the same for a stock market investment….?
    Of course. But almost everyone who’s invested in the last 3.5 years could say that if they were buying on margin to super-leverage their investments like you did with your house. Google is up 33% just in the last 12 months. I’ve yet to see an unimproved SF property that is.

  5. Posted by futurist

    Don’t forget, as part of “true value”, I have enjoyed and still do living in my house during those years.
    Well, except for the 11 months of living in it while it was remodeled from foundation to roof.

  6. Posted by Craig

    futurist: Did you REALLY live through a remodel “from foundation to roof” for “11 months”? I’m not sure that is really possible. Most people I know who do that kind of remodel pretty much move out during the renovation.

  7. Posted by futurist

    Yea, we really did. Since I had a budget, believe it or not, it was too expensive to rent a house or apt for that time period.
    So we lived in about 2 rooms, and remodeled one bath at a time, the kitchen in pieces. The worst part was the entire rear of the house removed, with just plastic sheeting when we had a pretty giant rain storm. The house was lifted up on cribbing and just dirt below at the garage level: then the river of water started to pour in along with the mud.
    Yea, it was a bit stressful, but survivable.

  8. Posted by Joel

    Guys, forget about real estate. It’s all about Bitcoin now…

  9. Posted by GoodByeBadTimes

    “The Dow Hits An All-Time High . . . .”
    Ok, that does it for me for now.
    Editor, please make a note: The poster previously known as “GoodBuyBadTimes” will now post under “GoodByeBadTimes” until further notice . . . .

  10. Posted by Rillion

    Dow 36,000 here we come!
    Sigh of course I had to go down to 40% equities from 100% back in November. I think someone could pretty much have a perfect track record of timing the markets if they just did the opposite of whatever I do. This rally will continue because I am refusing to jump back in and I’m even considering pulling more money out of equities since the rally has pushed me back up towards 50%.

  11. Posted by inclinejj

    Bought Apple stock at 20-40 backed up the truck.
    Even though it is way off the high still way way up

  12. Posted by hangemhi

    I have this feeling that we’re in a spot like 1997/98 and 2006/07 when everyone knew we were going up for the wrong reasons, but eventually you “had to” buy in and the markets went parabolic. There are too many Rillion’s out there right now – not participating, skeptical, etc. Sooner or later we’ll get a mild pull back, and that will be the thing that gets the last of the Bears into the market…. we’ll then go on a big run – at least 1800 on the S&P and 17,000 on the Dow, and then the Fed bubble bursts. This could happen in the next 12 months, or take several years. The longer it takes, and the higher the market goes, the worse the washout will be.
    Except for Apple… don’t be surprised to see them get into the $200’s before becoming a Microsoft type stock – slow and steady and possibly taking years just to get back to today’s levels.
    (what fun are predictions if you’re not bold 🙂

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