Pier 9
The past September San Francisco’s Port Commission approved a five year lease and $3 million improvement program for Autodesk to renovate and occupy 8,391 square feet on San Francisco’s Pier 9. This week, the lease is slated to be expanded to 27,190 square feet for ten years with a minimum of $7 million in planned improvements.
Pier 9 will house Autodesk’s consumer products division, including the newly acquired Instructables, occupying space which was mostly functionally obsolete or vacant.
Autodesk will be paying $55,444.00 per month ($2.25 per square foot for existing office space, $1.25 per square foot for currently unimproved shed space) with a 3 percent annual increase in rent on the Pier, a rate which was not competitively bid by the Port and will require San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors’ blessing this week.

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by Serge

    Excellent! I love what is being done with the piers. One just has to look at Pier 3 to see how well it is being used by Bloomberg and the ground-floor restaurants.
    There is nothing more satisfying than to dock at one of the berths at Pier 1 1/12 from a day of sailing and having lunch at the Ferry Building or Pier 3.

  2. Posted by WTF

    Great news! How exciting for SF in the next few years, with all the new developments/companies.

  3. Posted by Ben

    Please SF BOS, don’t screw this up. Let’s just make this smooth and easy with no drama!

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