Noting that “bed bug infestations are a nuisance, and have received increased media attention, potentially negatively affecting tourism,” San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors is set to add Article 11A (“Bedbug Infestation Prevention, Treatment, Disclosure and Reporting“) to San Francisco’s Health Code this week.
Amongst the new rights and responsibilities of tenants, property owners and property managers outlined in the amendment: “At the request of a prospective tenant, a property owner and/or property manager shall furnish to the tenant written disclosure of the unit’s bed bug infestation and abatement history for the previous two years.”
Tourist hotels are explicitly excepted from having to provide the aforementioned written disclosure of past bed bug infestations and abatements. Not explicitly addressed in the amendment, however, the rights and responsibilities of hosts and guests booking

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  1. Posted by Jane "bed bugs" Kim

    Yeah so how many people have been killed in District 6 because of bed bugs? Good ol Jane “bed bugs” Kim is all over this one…too bad she can’t do something about violent crime, open hard drug dealing and use and the gang activity that goes with it. Oh, and did I mention street people whom we all insist on calling “homeless”?? Yeah its them bed bugs again…

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