3038 Clement Street

While the neighbors and neighborhood groups haven’t yet been notified, the owner of the single-story building at 3038 Clement Street is quietly working on plans to raze the “European Food” market and build a four-story, 40-foot tall building with six three-bedroom condos over ground floor retail and parking for six cars on the site between 31st and 32nd Avenues, from which San Francisco’s first Fresh & Easy is a fifty-foot walk.

Add a dot to the neighborhood development map and make that 43,286 units in San Francisco’s Housing Pipeline, which does include 6,946 units that have yet to be approved.

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by Invented

    So refreshing to have a new ‘hood in the SS news! Hope the proposed building isn’t as ugly as what generally passes in the Richmond. (sorry, but take a look around)

  2. Posted by sparky*b

    NOOOOOOOOO. I love that place, will it come back as the ground floor retail?

  3. Posted by lol

    I love it too. My wife loves it for the smoked fish. I love it for the polish dry cured sausage that looks and tastes pretty much like the French traditional saucisson. Great breads too.

  4. Posted by 4oceans

    Gotta love a proposal for 18 rooms and 6 parking spots in an area with zero available street parking. Obviously the owner doesn’t want to live there, just create high end rentals and force neighbors (and no, I don’t live in the area) to suck it up and absorb the other 12 cars or double that number if couples end up renting those rooms!

  5. Posted by anon

    ^hilarious. I lived a couple blocks from here without a car (and no desire for one) for five years. The 1AX is the best-run Muni route in town, and there are great shopping options within a short walk or ride on the 1. In spite of no one really knowing about the area, this is actually an area I’d be more willing to live carless than many others in the city that seem much closer to the “action”.
    In other words, there won’t be anything approaching 18 cars here.

  6. Posted by SocketSite

    Gotta love a proposal for 18 rooms and 6 parking spots in an area with zero available street parking.
    From the Planning Department with respect to the six parking spaces as proposed:
    “Planning Code Sections 151 and 155.5 require the project to provide six off-street parking spaces and three bicycle spaces respectively. The proposed ground floor parking garage is located in the required rear yard. Therefore, the proposed project requires revisions to meet the parking requirement, or [the project sponsor] may apply for a Parking Reduction Application in order to be exempt from providing parking at a ratio of one parking space per dwelling unit.”

  7. Posted by lol

    I do like this area of Clement Street. I’m a big fan of the Garden House Cafe backyard on sunny days. A great cycling area for the ones who like views and hills. First you’re a few steps from Land’s End. If you haul yourself to Lake then Sacramento, it’s a very reasonable ride to downtown. The Cliff House and Sutro Baths are just a (long) hill away. The Presidio and GGP are also not too far.
    I agree with anon, for once. This is an unpretentious gem of a micro-neighborhood.

  8. Posted by joh

    I grew up near here, back when European Food was Fung Lung. Best neighborhood in the city for top quality open space. Land’s End, The Presidio, GG Park, and three beach are within a 10 minute bike ride.
    Only thing is the fog, which can be a lot for some folks.

  9. Posted by SFer

    joh: The fog can get quite intense (I lived a few blocks down for the duration of the 90s), it’s not that bad compared to the sunset.
    One benefit of the fog is that you can hear the fog horns of ships entering harbor. Quite the fan of that sound.

  10. Posted by GL

    Don’t know what 4Oceans is talking about regarding the parking. I’ve never had trouble finding parking within a few blocks of this place. Park near Sea Cliff and walk.

  11. Posted by Jamie

    One block from the Geary corridor and only 40 feet to build? No wonder we gotta have 400′ to 600′ tall residential towers in Rincon when the rest of the City won’t go above 40 feet despite high availability transit lines within a couple blocks. Wy doesn’t Wiener propose his matchbox sized dwellings along J Church metro line through Noe Valley and up zone to 200 feet instead of nosing around SoMa where there is only 4.6 acres of RPD managed parks? Oh, I forgot … SoMa is the neighborhood the rest of the City exploits and takes disproportionate shares of tax dollars from. no On Prop B.

  12. Posted by Alai

    I do live in the area, and I’d be fine with it even if it had no parking whatsoever. I find it incredibly frustrating that it’s such an issue.
    This is one of the best places in the entire USA to live without a car, and yet we are preventing people from living here for the sole reason that there isn’t enough room for the cars they may not even want.
    If there’s not enough street parking, then regulate the street parking. Limiting housing for the sake of parking is like saying to a hungry man, “sure, we have plenty of potato salad, but we don’t have enough dessert to go round, so we can’t feed you.”

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