Under the framework of the plans for the New Mission Theater, we promote a plugged-in reader’s comment to an editorial on “The New Mission,” not only in terms of the theater, but also the neighborhood’s change:

This is terrific news. Nobody should worry and fear the word multiplex. I’ve lived in the Mission for 29 years, BUT I have had to live/work in Austin on and off for the past two years. I hate Austin, frankly, and miss the Mish, but the one bright point has been that Austin is a killer film town. Mostly due to the Alamo Drafthouse…

The Austin theaters really do cinema very well. The Alamo Drafthouse is a great place to watch films. Great bar, great food, you can relax and watch the film, eat, get waited on, and they take cinema seriously. They show great old classics, plus all the best independents.

This is a dream come true for that theater on Mission, and for Mission Street, which keeps getting better and better. Folks in our area have been dreaming to rescue that place for years. The Sundance Cinema tried to do something like this business model over at the Kabuki, but the results haven’t been as great. They don’t have good taste. The Alamo people have good taste.

There’s another place in Austin btw that’s even better, the Violet Crown. I hope the new Alamo Mission is at that level. It’s a restaurant that’s worth going to alone, regardless of the movie. Handcrafted cocktails, really great vibe. The New Mission will have to place at that level to do well.

I hardly recognize my Mission District from almost 30 years ago, but frankly, that is a good thing. I roll my eyes when people complain. The bad stuff used to be really really bad. Now, I just adore what it’s turning into. But I should, because way back then, I bought my big ole house on a great block in 1991, so I can hardly be a hater. I can also hardly imagine how hard it is for a 22 year old to move here and try to get a foot hold. You can’t. You gotta go elsewhere.

But for us early adopters, and for all the old families in the neighborhood, this is really going to be great. All they need is a good film programmer, and we’re all going to be going to the New Mission.

We’re already there.
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