Beyond a modern color scheme and “approval from [the] HOA” (but not yet the city) to replace the condo’s front parlor with a second bathroom and a third bedroom, the new listing for 668 Elizabeth Street at $1,049,000 is looking rather apples-to-apples versus July of 2009 when the 1,684 square foot Noe Valley property was purchased for $930,000.
In the land of baby bumps, the second bathroom is king key.
∙ Listing: 668 Elizabeth Street (2/1) 1,684 sqft – $1,049,000 [Redfin]

9 thoughts on “In The Land Of Baby Bumps, The Second Bathroom Is Key”
  1. No kidding, we are starting to feel a little cramped in our 3/1 with the two kids.
    We recently bid $1.3M ($100k over asking) on a 3/2 fixer with no parking on a good block in Noe and ended up last out of four bidders.
    Looks like expansion is in the cards for us.

  2. That would be the Noefrenzy effect. Fixers are over $1.3M now. You should expand/remodel if you can. You will come out ahead.

  3. I really like this place, but the lack of a second bath is a killer. At 1700 sqft, I’m also surprised that it is not a 3br….must have lots of living space. I’m guessing it goes for $1.1M even with the lack of 2 baths. The purchasers from ’09 should do pretty well on this one.

  4. I’m with you, NVJ. We have 3 BR/1.5 baths with 2 kids but our lack of a second shower will become an issue as soon as our older son (now 7) graduates to morning showers.
    Of course, we’re renting for crumbs so however many years we can stay put comfortably are all gravy (to mix my food metaphors).

  5. Expansion is pretty much a good choice in NV these days, esp to add parking spaces, foundations upgrades and bath and kitchen remodels. Expanding upwards involves more planning process; expanding the rear is relatively easy, provided you stay within the planning rear and side setbacks.
    From my experience, it makes sense to do a 3 bedroom with 2.5 baths: one 1/2 bath or powder room, one master bath and one kids bath with a tub.

  6. better yet: in the land of baby bumps, *in-unit laundry is key*. 2nd bathroom is a nice to have.
    I toured this place last time. It’s nice. Great location. The sq ft seems higher than I thought but oh well. Loved the great room and the skylight in the other room. Didn’t love the laundry issue nor the 4-unit back yard share.
    I’m curious what this would rent for. $4k? $3.5k?

  7. Yes, good point about the “in unit laundry”. I still see a number of properties (SFamily) in Noe that are supposedly fully remodeled and yet the laundry ends up in the garage, or worse(actually true) the laundry is outside underneath a porch.
    And these are properties priced in the $1.5 m range. Buyers should not accept laundry in those locations at that price point. Best location is either at the bedroom level, or near the kitchen.

  8. I saw this place during its open house yesterday and it is pretty special. No doubt, even with its one bath, it will sell for more than asking…buyers were salivating and bombarding the agent. It would be very smart to add a master bath off the back bedroom and turn the front parlor into a third bedroom. Heck, I would put the walls back where the old fainting room was and have a 3 bedroom plus office AND 2 baths…imagine the price then? Easily 1.4 million or more. GREAT opportunity but out of my reach. Someone will be very happy there.

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