1750 Taylor #2003 Living Room

Purchased for $2,675,000 in 2002 but since upgraded with a new kitchen, baths and bamboo floors, 1750 Taylor #2003 has just returned to the market listed for $2,850,000.

1750 Taylor #2003 Floor Plan

Yes, there are big views from the three-bedroom including the maid’s. But as importantly on a day like today, there are also big views from the Royal Towers outdoor pool.

Royal Towers Pool

15 thoughts on “On A Day Like Today, We’ll See You At The Pool…”
  1. Now that’s badass.
    No looking at the listing – let’s see if we can guess the monthly HOA. I’ll start at… $1800.

  2. didn’t some 3BR bay-bridge-view units at Infinity sell for close to the same price at the peak?
    just a few years later… you could own this “infinitely” better (pun intended) 3BR unit for the same money.

  3. Please note the noisy cheap wall electric coil/fan heaters. Talk about a noisy inefficient way of heating your 2+ million dollar unit! I would not even see this type of heating in a 2 million dollar unit in NYC.
    (Example shown in 3rd image on property website)

  4. I love that in 1960 the builder felt that someone living in a small apartment would need to have a room for a live in maid.

  5. I agree Russian Hill Dweller. I didn’t know there such a person these days as a live in maid. Sounds retro to me.

  6. From some wealthy types I had Thanksgiving with- that live on Nob Hill, though- we were talking about similar houses, and how the maid’s room is a common problem with houses built in the 20s & 30s, when you really needed someone to do all the exhausting clothes and dish washing pre-machine. Now, it just means lots of little rooms everywhere (she was annoyed with this).
    Sounds like they need a Cato Caelin. I’ll sign up!

  7. The list price for 1750 Taylor #2003 has just been reduced $100,000 (4%), now asking $2,750,000.
    Once again, the 1,920 square foot three-bedroom was purchased for $2,675,000 in 2002 but has since been upgraded with a new kitchen, baths and bamboo floors.

  8. So this is basically back to a 2002 price. Not even breakeven for the owners here, after commissions of course and assuming it doesn’t have to get cut again. Oh, and the cost of remodelling the kitchen and baths and floors? That’ s gone.
    A decade-long hold and this what you get? Wow. Definitely not what their realtor promised them back in 2002.

  9. Just to clarify, the owner of the home from 1998 to 2001 chimed in on the more recent thread about this home confirming that all of the work; except maybe the floors was done prior to the 2002 sale as incorrectly reported above.
    My wife and I purchased RT #2003 in ’98 and remodeled it very extensively before selling it in 2001, including lighting, electric shades, new kitchen, bathrooms, etc. I can’t see any changes from our remodel other than the floors; we put in maple floors, and they were either replaced or refinished.
    Special thanks to Larry for chiming in with the scoop here.
    And for the record, here is the complete and accurate sale history:
    2012 $2,600,000
    2002 $2,675,000
    2001 $2,495,000 (extensively renovated)
    1998 $1,105,000

  10. For the Record here ar the payments
    Mortgage payments in 2002 @80%: $14,267
    Mortgage payments in 2012 @80%: $ 7,453
    2012 payments in 2002 dollars $ 5,852
    Any questions?
    Posted by: tipster at August 31, 2012 10:05 AM

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