3300 Kirkham
With $1,203,000 in open loans and a few liens (including one to US District Court), it’s a plugged-in tipster that notes the 3,000 square foot Art Deco home at 3300 Kirkham went back to the bank on Friday with no bidders at $828,000 on the courthouse steps.
With respect to the District Court lien, as also noted by our tipster, the home had been owned by former Roman Catholic priest and KGO radio host Bernie Ward who was convicted on child pornography charges in 2008.

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by been there

    To be clear, Ward was married with children. He was last a priest over thirty years ago. Irregardless, the crime is horrific.

  2. Posted by Alli

    “…the home had been owned by former Roman Catholic priest and KGO radio host Bernie Ward who was convicted on child pornography charges in 2008.”
    What do you know…our very own “Neverland Ranch” right here in SF.

  3. Posted by FormerAptBroker

    I was happy to see this guy go to jail since night after night he would bash “the rich” on KGO and then drive home to his million dollar + (at the time) home in his late model Lexus to talk to his wife (a doctor) about how they were going to spend their money (that was over $500K/year when he had his national radio show). He would bash anyone that didn’t support public schools, but he sent all his kids to private schools. I feel bad for his wife and kids, but I hope every guy in jail knows what he is in for and he is getting what he deserves.

  4. Posted by Phongpei

    Irregardless is not a word.

  5. Posted by Scooter

    No, but pedantic is.

  6. Posted by EsEf Gerard

    Bernie Ward was a priest for only two years and I don’t see how that’s relevant to this posting.
    It is, however, a relief to have his nonsensical left wing rhetoric off the air.

  7. Posted by been there

    Phongpei you are correct and Scooter you are funny!

  8. Posted by kthnxybe

    Scooter, thanks for the giggle, especially since I was sitting on my hands to not make the “that’s not a word” comment myself.
    But as a former linguistics student, I have to point out that if enough people say it and know what is meant by it, it *becomes* a word, because English is a living language. 😉

  9. Posted by Rocco

    Dunno when that picture was taken, but Google Streetview shows the house with ugly white vinyl replacement windows.
    “Dunno” is a word, thx. lol.

  10. Posted by partisan_hack

    so, to be clear then, if Bernie was a right wing host, his use of child porn, etc. would be ok? because that is what it sounds like people are saying.
    partisan hacks suck. Bernie’s a goofball but so are all those other radio show hosts. windbags paid to pass wind on the public airwaves. wastes of space, all.

  11. Posted by john_drake_6

    was not a word but now it is.
    see dictionary.com
       /ˌɪrɪˈgɑrdlɪs/ Show Spelled[ir-i-gahrd-lis] Origin:
    1910–15; ir-2 (probably after irrespective ) + regardless
    —Can be confused:  irregardless, regardless (see usage note at the current entry ).
    —Usage note
    Irregardless is considered nonstandard because of the two negative elements ir- and -less. It was probably formed on the analogy of such words as irrespective, irrelevant, and irreparable. Those who use it, including on occasion educated speakers, may do so from a desire to add emphasis. Irregardless first appeared in the early 20th century and was perhaps popularized by its use in a comic radio program of the 1930s.

  12. Posted by David

    Shame on you hypocrites! There are criminals that murdered innocent people that received less time than Bernie! Bernie was and is a political scapegoat by the Bush Admin and Right Wing Nazis! And why didn’t “fairy” the purported whistle blower get any time? She was the one distributing the child porn! Thank you Rocco for adding “fair and balanced” to this discussion! And the rest of you “lefty’s” get a life! Bush and Cheny are war criminals guilty of genocide, the false wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and our current economic depression! But they walk FREE! What is wrong with this picture?

  13. Posted by David

    Correction and typo: “lefty’s” mean’t to say Right Wing Nuts! My apologies to our liberal and “sane” friends!

  14. Posted by Larry

    I used to like him on God Talk, but now I know he was a dispecable hypoctite. I also rememer him asking callers to help him to decide whether to buy the Lexus. Only guilt ridden lefties would be so unsure to buying the symbol against which they so often railed.

  15. Posted by mike

    Bernie is a wonderful man.he was victim of some disgusting federal attorneys who at the same time arrested 100 other people for similar crimes but all of them were let go except for Bernie.
    So until some of you haters get the real story, you should take your hate elsewhere.
    Bernie never fondled or touched any of those kids. he never harmed anyone. what he did may have been illegal, but not so much as for him to be put through what he has went through.
    what a waste of federal funds prosecuting him.i wouldnt be surprised if the Bush admin, was behind this.After all Bernie owned him and the haters nightly. Cant wait for you to get out Bernie.You never shoukld of been thrown in prison.
    GWB and his friends need to be there.they did start this downfall of this country. you would think that was more important to this govt.
    see you soon B.

  16. Posted by Rasta

    Yes, mike, you are so right! This too, is Bush’s fault! Bernie was totally innocent, he was framed, he was set up by Karl Rove and Halliburton! Blackwater did the actual gro8und work! Right Wing conspiracy! EVERYTHING is Bush’s fault! mike, let’s put on our tin foil hats and go protecting together!

  17. Posted by denbenenki

    To Larry: “federal attorneys who at the same time arrested 100 other people for similar crimes but all of them were let go except for Bernie”
    what or where is your source for this statement? please provide a link if you have one.

  18. Posted by Rastafarian

    Has the degenerate gotten out of prison yet?

  19. Posted by Jan Edman

    I miss all the KGO radio Hosts gone: Ray, John, Bernie, Dr. Bill etc. I can’t listen any more. Thanks for the 910am info. I’ll check it out. i listen to 650 and 1530 They have a few Hosts I like. I hate the middle of the night w/all the info commercials. Vitamins Vitamins HA Thanks

  20. Posted by Psychologist

    There are no liberal and sane people. Today’s liberals are in various stages of mental illness.

  21. Posted by Not a Lib

    Liberalism is a form of mental illness. For many, it is very mild and they are nice people who mean well but then they do things like Re-elect Obozo.

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