“We are taking on the [Telegrpah Hill] Dwellers,” said Julie Christensen, a product designer who has had an office in North Beach since 1982. “Nobody wants to stir the wasp’s nest, but why does the Planning Commission treat THD like a quasi-city agency?”
Telegraph Hill Dwellers face strong opposition [sfgate.com]

15 thoughts on “Telegraph Hill Dwellers 2.0?”
  1. THD is irrelevant – the scary people are the Phil Ginsberg-type Gavin-ites who want to spend endless public money on “urban amenities” and think they can pay it back with Blue Bottle Coffee concessions and gourmet sandwiches at the boathouse. Quick road to bankruptcy – fire Phil Ginsberg!

  2. Seriously, I have never seen a neighborhood group fight AGAINST a library.
    It is truly bizarre, almost vindictive, behavior.

  3. Plain and simple, they get away with much too much.
    Peskin is an angry dwarf – why is he having phone conversations with planning officials over official city business? He is NO LONGER an elected offficial!
    And his wife – what claim to fame does she have other than being a harpy control freak?
    they are both excellent examples of what is wrong with SF in 2011

  4. This is long overdue. Very refreshing that some new blood is getting active in North Beach/Telegraph Hill. It’s ridiculous that the new North Beach Library had to fight through such delays.

  5. Which gets approved more quickly in North Beach, a library or an “adult” club/bar/nightclub?

  6. why is he having phone conversations with planning officials over official city business? He is NO LONGER an elected offficial!
    As someone who lives on the Hill and tires of the sclerotic thinking of these aging cretins, I say good riddance to THD. And don’t let the doorknob hit you in the ass.

  7. embarcadero: we’re supposed to be making fun of peskin’s height, get with the program: the doorknob would hit him in the shoulder. LOL SHORT PPL AMIRITE?

  8. Hey hey, ho ho, Aaron Peskin’s got to go. Hey hey, ho ho…
    Keep up the good fight against these horrid control freaks. 555 Washington was a great project and entirely appropriate for the neighborhood. The hysterical preservation argument with respect to the North Beach library was beyond ridiculous, and just to save 3 parking spots. Peskin did enough damage, and he certainly shouldn’t get undue audience as a private citizen.

  9. Peskin and his wife seem to be on the wrong side of public opinion if one were to use the reader comments here and the SF Gate article about same as a barometer. It’s time for the neighborhood groups to be ignored, they almost always represent only the highly subjective opinions and unspoken agendas of the two or three people who control those groups while saying they represent entire swaths of town. Meanwhile the rest of those who live, work and invest in those neighborhoods are persecuted and ignored by these non-representative groups. It’s the same thing over in Dogpatch and Potrero Hill, those associations amount to nothing more than thuggish and self serving extortion rackets who exist to obstruct projects until they are written large checks by property owners in return for “neighborhood support.”
    Don’t believe me? Go ask the guys who spent years trying to get their restaurant Poquito opened up down in Dogpatch in the wake of the obstructionism of the association, the people who run the neighborhood association there actually had the audacity to tell them what should be on the restaurant’s menu! I kid you not! It’s time for these self appointed corrupt-o-crats to be sent packing!

  10. The real issue is that the demographics have changed, but THD hasn’t. There are literally hundreds of families who have chosen to stay in the City, in North Beach, and who want and need the City and the neighborhood groups to represent and be responsive to their interests.
    Aaron and Nancy have no kids. The majority of THD have either no kids, or perhaps they have one with a silver spoon in his mouth. That profile describes the North Beach of the past two decades, not the coming two.
    Real families deserve real respect from these people, and if they don’t get it…well, “Regime Change Starts at Home,” as they say.

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