2655 Scott Street
As we wrote about 2655 Scott Street just last month:

Classic Deco curb appeal, a modern interior with easy access to the outdoors from the marble countered kitchen, and a 2009 era apple, they’re a few of our favorite things.

Purchased for $3,100,000 in August 2009, the single-family Pacific Heights home at 2655 Scott Street is back on the market and listed for $3,300,000 touting “approved” plans for a vertical addition and new master suite to boot.

The sale of 2655 Scott Street closed yesterday with a reported contract price of $3,244,769. That’s 2 percent under asking but 5 percent ($144,769) over 2009.
A Few Of Our Favorite Things [SocketSite]

4 thoughts on “2655 Scott Street Is Quickly Picked”
  1. I mentioned on the original thread that somehow got overlooked that this home was also sold in 2005 for $2.9 and in 1998 for $1.75. Guessing that the remodel was done post 1998 and before the 05 sale. So here we have another potential 2005 Apple (sans the approved plans) showing a decent gain. Party on. 🙂
    [Editor’s Note: Rather than guessing, If you’re going to make accusations and suggestions, at least do your homework first. The kitchen was reconfigured and remodled, along with at least one bathroom, in 2007/2008.]

  2. These 2009 SFH apples keep showing that spring 2009 was the low for houses in good areas of the city.

  3. I wonder how they got $55,231. Maybe they had an estimate from a contractor for that number? No surprise on this one, as eddy said originally.

  4. “Guessing” and “potential” are pretty valid disclaimers me thinks. The 2005 sale is still a highly valid data point to be considered and it was overlooked. The 2005 comments from the MLS certainly make it seem like it was done well and the 2005 +4% over asking bid gave some credibility to this being done-done.
    2005 MLS Comments
    Prime Pacific Heights location! Extensively and beautifully remodeled 3 bedroom 2 ½ bath home, bay views and award winning garden. Top of the line cook’s kitchen, Formal Dining Room, Master suite with office and luxurious bathroom. Hardwood floors throughout, DSL, built in sound system, plus hidden flat screen TV. State of the art security system, two car side-by-side garage.
    Nevertheless, thanks for doing the homework. Cheers!

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