687 28th Street Before
Born a Mid-Century home in 1953, and purchased as such for $820,000 in 2003 (up from $480,000 six years earlier), 687 28th Street has returned to the market looking a bit more contemporary inside and out and listed for $1,250,000.
687 28th Street 2011
∙ Listing: 687 28th Street (3/2) 1,567 sqft – $1,250,000 [MLS]

18 thoughts on “Mid-Century Noe <strike>Modern</strike> Contemporary At 687 28th Street”
  1. On the exterior, those look like mostly cosmetic changes…
    My question is, are these easy to do in this neighborhood, from a red tape / regulatory point of view?, or do you have to go through extensive approvals and architect-submitted plans?

  2. Am I missing something here or did 2007 never end? There seem to be similar temporal anomalies in the South Bay here and there so I’m just curious…

  3. seems livable to me.
    I dislike the kitchen layout, especially stove/oven placement. need more counters by stove.
    but otherwise seems like solid basic housing freshened up with some cosmetic renovation.
    is this really Noe Valley?

  4. The exterior changes appear to be not that extensive, mostly cosmetic and some new materials and window, and low landscape walls.
    But, yes, you still need to submit plans and elevations to the Planning Dept. and the Building Dept. to get a permit. Yes, generally an architect would produce these drawings. This type of change is relatively easy to get approvals, since you are not changing the footprint of the exterior envelope.

  5. ex SF-er: I think this is still officially Noe Valley but the feel of the neighborhood is very much Diamond Heights.
    I wonder why they did not remodel the second bathroom. Even cosmetic changes I think would have been worthwhile.

  6. I agree with several of the other posters — mostly cosmetic refresh here. I don’t see why it would be worth more than 50% greater than its 2003 price given the insubstantial work done here. The refresh is a step up from the typical pergraniteel, but not by much, and it’s not 2005-2007 any more.

  7. The view in photo 2/23 appears to be some sort of crane-your-neck peephole view. I find photos that frame a view with a window or deck railing easier to understand.
    It looks like the bathtub in photo 11/23 is the original, probably resurfaced. No tub for you, Ohmega Salvage!
    The facade photo is funny: they edited out some but not all of the wires. What is this? Some sort of test?
    I’m grateful for the basement/garage photo. More please, even if taken with the super wide distort-o-matic lens.

  8. It’s funny when people on this block say they are in Noe Valley. I live in the nasty orange apartment building next door – and when the fog is roaring by all summer long, I submit that you in fact live in Diamond Heights.

  9. justin_415 –
    I’m sure your building isn’t that nasty, or is it?Just curious – do you think your multi unit building has a negative impact (noise, traffic, other) on this house?

  10. The apartment complex next to this house is quite large (100+ units) but the apartments are pretty spacious and it’s nice inside. The exterior of the complex is painted an unpalatable brown, orange and yellow, which nobody except the apartment owner seems to like. Residents here are pretty normal, and this house is adjacent to the back door, so not much traffic.
    However, there are housing projects that are only one lot away from the backyard of this house. Someone was shot and killed in a car in front of the projects last week.

  11. What is it with the recessed lighting for every remodel? Overhead lighting makes everyone look like they’re in a horror movie, the bulbs are difficult to change and they’re ugly.
    Yep, this isn’t Noe Valley, it’s Diamond Heights near the projects and between gang territory.

  12. The bedrooms have a beautiful view of the apartments. I really don’t understand this renovation…and I’d be surprised if this fetched asking – view from living room notwithstanding.

  13. i stopped in this today – it felt cheap and over priced. The most worthwhile part of the home should have been the backyard, but several balconies from the apartment complex are overlooking the yard for zero privacy making it virtually worthless. this homes feels like it needs a 9 in front of it. of course there is a home on the block with a 9 in front of it and that felt over priced too due to it’s small rooms and odd layout.

  14. This looks like a nothing-burger to me. And, if you’re going for just a refresh, paint the kitchen cabinets white and ditch the pink tile in the second bathroom.

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