“A state appeals court has struck down provisions of a voter-approved San Francisco law that allowed the city’s rent board to reduce payments from tenants whose landlords harassed them.
The First District Court of Appeal in San Francisco left intact other parts of Proposition M, a November 2008 measure, but ruled that the city board has no constitutional authority to impose lower rents on landlords who mistreat their tenants or try to coerce them into leaving.”
S.F. Prop. M rent reduction provision struck down [SFGate]
The Day After: November 4 Real Estate Related Election Results [SocketSite]

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  1. Posted by MH for Movoto

    Hmmmm…. while it’s a nice idea from the People’s perspective, it’s hard to even imagine how this could have received legal/legislative backing of any kind….. I mean, presumably leases are supposed to take care of this sort of thing.

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