As we wrote when we broke the news three weeks ago with respect to the proposed course for the 34th America’s Cup in San Francisco’s bay: “Races will be held July through mid-September in both 2012 and 2013 with up to three races each day beginning at 1:00pm and ending by 6:00pm.”
According to an America’s Cup Race Management notice released today, the America’s Cup Challenger Series (The “Louis Vuitton” Cup) is tentatively scheduled to commence on July 13, 2013 with the 34th America’s Cup Match starting September 7, 2013.
We’d file it under “breaking news” but plugged-in people have known what to expect for weeks.
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6 thoughts on “The 34th America’s Cup Race Schedule You’ve Known To Expect”
  1. Is LVMH sponsoring the Challenger Series this year? They dropped their sponsorship in 2007 and didn’t sponsor the last one. Instead, they sponsored the Louis Vuitton Pacific Series and the Louis Vuitton Trophy.
    The 2012 races will be “America’s Cup World Series” races.
    [Editor’s Note: Up in the air (or in the wind) and hence our quotes.]

  2. As a person unfamiliar with sailing does fog impact these races? TJuly – Sept is prime fog season for SF and could make for race delays and cancellations.

  3. It’s unusual (but not unheard of) for the fog to be so low that it affects sailboat races in SF Bay, even at the speeds these boats will be traveling at.

  4. @JJ It’s unlikely that fog will be a major issue. In the central bay the marine layer blows off and burns off by mid-day during high sailing season. There may be what might best be called “low clouds” but this should not impact sailing and viewing. It’s more likely that high winds would cause delays, in my opinion.

  5. Never thought I’d be so interested in sailing, of all sports, but I honestly can’t wait for this to happen. The waterfront is going to look so much different than it does now, which is exciting!

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