5499 California Design
On one large 5,088 square foot lot at the corner of California and 17th Ave two buildings currently stand: a one-and-a-half-story commercial building fronting California (5499 California Street) and a mixed-use structure that wraps around 5499 California to front both California (commercial) and 17th Avenue (two residential units).
5499 California
As proposed, the two residential units at 214-216 17th Avenue will be razed along with a slice of the commercial buildings and the lot will be split. The remaining portion of the commercial buildings will be rebuilt as one with a residential unit added above, while a four-story building with three units and four parking spaces will rise on the newly created lot.
5499 California at 17th Design
And there’s no need to get your tutus in a bunch, Miss Tilly’s Ballet School which currently occupies the two interconnected commercial spaces plans to resume their plies on-site once the building is rebuilt.

9 thoughts on “Don’t Get Your Tutus In A Bunch: California At 17th Ave As Proposed”
  1. This seems like a nice solution. It preserves the interesting looking facade while expanding in the bland part of the former building.

  2. Nimby — good one, love your sense of humor. Yes, we all remember – the build-nothing, do-nothing moldering 80’s here.
    Great project! Build it.

  3. Heh, I was just complaining to a coworker yesterday that little girls in tutus were being replaced by condominiums. Glad Miss Tilly will still be around.
    I have no problem with the idea of building condos in the sort of wasted space on 17th, I just wish it didn’t look like that same old 90’s style boxy modern “contemporary loft” building. Why can’t we have nice things?

  4. kthnxybe
    The disappearing tutu factor is related to SF increasingly becoming a corporate, social-service based, and transitional stepping-stone housing market. (We build cubicles — as if). The census confirms the trend away from families and our infrastructure only accelerates this trend.
    We’re not a welcoming place for middle class families interested in setting long-term roots. Which might be why you’d need to go to North, East, or South Bay for the tutu/family scene.

  5. There are plenty of places for little girls to take ballet in the city. You don’t have leave town for that. Disappearing tutu factor, c’mon.

  6. Well, we’re a boring residential neighborhood. If anyplace in the city is safe for tutus, it should be the Richmond. 😉
    Invented, do you think not being “a welcoming place for middle class families interested in setting long-term roots” is a good or bad thing? Or just what is?
    I think it’s a bad thing if you want a city that is taken care of and livable.
    But as sparky-b says, maybe it’s not a thing. I still see plenty of kids going to Alamo Elementary school in the morning, for instance.

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