10 Jakey Court
∙ Listing: 10 Jakey Court (3/2) 1,776 sqft – $399,500 [MLS]

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by noearch

    That’s just irresponsible and possible illegal to not have a barrier or railing at that dining space above the living room.
    Even the realtor should point that out as dangerous.

  2. Posted by Fishchum

    I was thinking the exact same thing – it’d be too easy to slip and fall off that dining area, particularly after a few glasses of wine.

  3. Posted by tipster

    And you’d be more likely to slip, when you stood up after those glasses of wine, and bumped your head on the ceiling.
    On the other hand, if you had a budding young actor or actress in the family, that stage in the living room would be PERFECT!

  4. Posted by condoshopper

    so building code wise, a barrier would be required if the drop was more than 30 inches.

  5. Posted by kthnxybe

    Never mind the weird stage thing, I personally wouldn’t care to live anywhere in the city that is both east of 101 and south of Cesar Chavez.

  6. Posted by resp

    honey lets have your mom over for a housewarming dinner

  7. Posted by Eddy

    @kthnxybe – really, who cares where you want to live? different strokes dufus.

  8. Posted by bossmillion

    Janky on Jakey

  9. Posted by Dan Clark

    Railing or not, this looks like a pretty nice place, tho’ I don’t know the neighborhood. Re: “solor” panels, doesn’t it look as if they’re on the neighbor’s place?

  10. Posted by GetOffTheIvy

    Is it possible to fine the agent for excessive use of a wide angle lens?
    The house looks nice but for liability a wide built-in couch would run the length the drop off.

  11. Posted by fred

    Eddy, there is no need to lower the bar with name calling.

  12. Posted by lol

    There’s no fridge in the staging. Hint: it looks like its appropriate place is next to the entrance in the kitchen area. This looks a bit odd as any standard sized fridge would be in the way, about 1/2 foot deeper than the cabinetry we can see in pic#7. Or maybe the wide angle distorted that too?
    It seems weird that all the staging furniture would be there but a basic appliance like a fridge. I suspect a will to make the place look more functional.
    Overall, bubble era finishes slapped on a mid-80s box. Pretty decent price. And did I read it right? 4 parking spaces? That’s 2 inside and 2 outside?

  13. Posted by eddy

    @Fred, the eddy listed above is not me and is/was fraud using my name. Thanks for point out. Emailing editor now.

  14. Posted by kthnybe

    Thanks Fred and real Eddy. I speak from some experience – I worked in BVHP for the better part of the nineties. I could have worded it better, what I really meant was that I could live with freaky “architectural details” if the rest of the place is clean and nice, as this seems to be and if it’s in an okay, safe area without Superfund sites nearby, but not vice versa unless I really had to. No offense to the good people of BVHP, the vast majority of whom are nice, solid folks who have been living with environment and crime factors that no one should have to deal with.

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