According to the Chronicle, Valencia has slipped from contention to host the America’s Cup in 2013, leaving just San Francisco and “an undisclosed Italian port” in the running to host.

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  1. Posted by Poor in Pac Heights

    why is the other Port “un disclosed”…I’ve never seen a city run anonymously when trying to host any large event. sounds like scam to get SF to pony up more dough…it’s like “We’ve go another buyer on the phone willing to offer x…can you match that?” when really no one else is bidding.

  2. Posted by lolcat_94123

    “undisclosed port?”
    Is Scott Boras managing these negotiations?

  3. Posted by loftlover

    It’s the port of Venice. They’re just not sure if it will be there is a couple of years…as it might sink!

  4. Posted by Informed Skeptic

    Without doing additional research, I was under the impression that the current cup-holder decides where and when the next race will be held, and how challengers will be selected (until recently, for the past few competitions, the challenger was determined via the Louis Vitton Cup). That’s the way the race has been organized for a long, long time.
    Has this changed in favor of an International Olympic Committee-type organization? If so, it’s a terrible development for the competition.

  5. Posted by alazyman

    Skeptic, you are essentially correct. Nothing has changed. Larry Ellison is the cup holder and he is negotiating with the City of SF to determine where he would hold the cup.

  6. Posted by Informed Skeptic

    So you’re saying it’s worse than an IOC-style body. Wonderful 🙂

  7. Posted by redseca2

    I was thinking a more southern Italian port city with Larry waiting for an offer that even he couldn’t refuse.

  8. Posted by asiagoSF


  9. Posted by Frederick

    Here it comes.
    The most revolutionary event in the history of the San Francisco waterfront.
    It may actually out do the importance of the first sailing ships to land in San Francisco in the 1840’s.
    The international exposure to our City that this “Green” (both environmental & $$$) event may last for decades. The winner of the AC34 will get to host the AC35, etc.
    Already new Countries, yesterday Sweden (Nov 9, 2010), are announcing their participation.
    The excitement of the new 72 foot long cataraman’s as the boat to be raced has caught the attention of the sailing world.
    The re-vitalization of the piers & waterfront, when the City nor Port has funds or the motivation to do so is immense.
    If the GGYC and Mr. Ellison picks San Francisco prepare to “Party”!!

  10. Posted by jeff schlarb

    Please please please pick San Francisco Larry. Please!

  11. Posted by Noh Thanx

    Please pick the undisclosed Italian city.
    Those of us regular, working people will get nothing out of the cup being here except worse traffic and higher prices.
    I’d rather have the city spend on more buses, parks and schools for ordinary people, and less on incentives, police overtime, etc. to allow the super-rich (billionaires) to have their exclusive little fun.

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