733 Front #407 Kitchen

As a plugged-in reader noted, on Friday the list price for the short sale of 733 Front Street #407 was reduced to $480,000 and “Approved Short Sale!!!” was added to the listing.
Once again, the one-bedroom was purchased for $730,000 in September 2007, listed for $760,000 this past January, reduced to $730,000 in February, reduced to $629,000 in April, and listed as a short sale at $549,000 and $499,000 over the past five months.

A sale at the newly reduced list price would represent a 34 percent drop in value for the Jackson Square condo at 733 Front Street over the past three years.

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by suspicious

    No parking, and I’d check whether the windows have an actual view or not, but this price is pretty good.

  2. Doesn’t sound too good for neighbors in #413 who are trying to sell for $650K.

  3. Posted by Sam

    The price isn’t that great when you factor in property tax and $650/month in HOA.

  4. Posted by Walsh92663

    Also it looks as if 407 has a much nicer kitchen as well.

  5. Posted by condoshopper

    i’m actually a little bit interested in this at 480k. does anybody know any pro’s and con’s to the building? it looks like the decks wrap around the whole perimeter of the sides, does it mean one can roam around to other people’s patio doors?

  6. Posted by sunnyvalesteve

    Redfin says this unit is 781 sf, so they’re asking around $615/sf. There’s less inventory due north of the Financial District than due south (South Beach/SOMA) so it will be interesting to see how $/sf compare.

  7. Posted by SocketSite

    While the sale of 733 Front Street #407 closed escrow with a reported contract price of $450,000 in January (38 percent below its 2007 sale), 733 Front Street #413 as referenced above by a plugged-in reader has been withdrawn from the market after 183 days without a reported sale.

  8. Posted by tipster

    413 back on at $625K. As if.

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