537 Steiner
While we’re not sure “rock your world” is a phrase we’d use when touting a 1900’s San Francisco property, we do like the scale, ceiling heights and natural light streaming into the 2,320 square foot condo at 537 Steiner asking $1,100,000 or $474 per square.
And it’s two thumbs up for keeping the old stove (although we might suggest adding some counter and storage space around it), but at least one down for the parking that’s leased.
∙ Listing: 537 Steiner (2/2.5) 2,320 sqft – $1,100,000 [MLS]
A Parking Space (And MLS) Pet Peeve [SocketSite]

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  1. Posted by curmudgeon

    nice unit…but RIGHT between the Fell/Oak freeway couplet is not where I’d want to be. and the top floor condo has great views, but looks to be three flights up….that would get real tired, real fast.
    No thanks

  2. Posted by eddy

    Great home, location not that bad. Kudos to SS for highlighting this home. Some TICs in much nicer areas selling for about as much that you’d have to consider if you have the capital requirements met.

  3. Posted by Lori

    I’m kind of lukewarm with this one. The blue paint is a bit much (although obviously easy to fix). The kitchen is where it falls flat. The stove is in the middle of nowhere and there are practically no upper cabinets. Poor planning.

  4. Posted by sfrenegade

    “The kitchen is where it falls flat.”
    Yeah, and those bricks in the kitchen might make you fall flat if this condo does end up rocking your world at some point.

  5. Posted by quippie

    Have to agree with Eddy, a perfect example is 764 Clayton st (follow link at sig). For your extra $60k you can get a little smaller TIC W/parking in more gentrified area and both houses are a stones throw from the “character” of Haight st.
    An added bonus you get with Clayton st. is the “joy” and risks of TIC ownership, poor flow and layout, really shoddy paint and flip focused construction, IMHO.
    Look at the pictures of 764, you can see they painted a stripe at the top of each wall to look like crown mldg, so the new buyer could visualize what it might look like if they decide to have it put in. Reminds me of the current version of those 70’s econo condo construction bldgs, the ones with popcorn textured walls and the option to upgrade to crown.

  6. Posted by invented

    Uncomfortably situated building between two highways, but great space and wonderful undulating views out back. Saw place years ago when it was just converted to TICs and it simply rambles. Without addressing the Oak/Fell situation — it’s situation is unfortunately limited. That it’s on a slope seems to exacerbate the highway scene. Address the traffic? I’m in love.

  7. Posted by lyqwyd

    1465 Hayes:
    Condo, top floor, 2163 square feet, high ceilings, equally troubled kitchen (either you like it, or wanted to gut it), similar view, although no parking, closed 2 weeks ago for $849,000. It was perfectly nice, but could have used some upgrades.
    See link for details.

  8. Posted by BDB

    the previous state of 1465 was unreal, they owners / sellers did a great job to clean it up.

  9. Posted by quippie

    Seems like a valid comp, and a much more realistic price for these houses. Just think of the kitchen/ upgrades you could drop in for your $250,000 in savings. Add to that- a lower tax base and lower mtg payments overall.
    Or save $310,000 vs. 764 Clayton across the park, drop $250k on kitchen/ upgrades and use the other 60k for lifetime parking in one of the local lots.
    Even at this price it did not fly off the shelf. Listed May 7th Contingent Aug 17th.
    IMHO this is the level where we will start getting price traction again, in these areas and this type of housing.

  10. Posted by lyqwyd

    Yeah, I was surprised it sold for asking after sitting on the market for so long. Public records haven’t been updated yet, so there’s a possibility it will actually have sold for a different price… but MLS is probably accurate.

  11. Posted by kathleen

    Was in this place on earlier in the week.
    Killer top flooor flat, oodles of space for 2 bedroom, wonderful views Love love LOVE the floor plan.
    Cardio walk up wil keep you young into your 90’s… curved bay, high ceilings, so much light you think you are living next door to the sun.. and water views to the south east. PArk views to the west.
    Between Alamo and Duboce
    Doubt it will stay on the market for very long.

  12. Posted by lyqwyd

    I hope the buyer knows the neighborhood, there’s a drug rehab house 2 blocks away (890 Hayes St).

  13. Posted by kathleen

    The drug rehab place two blocks away
    is full of people not doing drugs.
    I’d be more afraid do the baptists, one block away – they think we are mostly all doomed.

  14. Posted by lyqwyd

    that’s an interesting way to spin that…

  15. Posted by Kurt Brown

    Went to the open today. I normally hate Victorians and their often tragic attempts at modernizing into the current century, but this one really was stunningly well done all around, and at a really great price.
    I saw this one and 2739 Larkin today, and I think I would rather live here, even if they were both priced the same.

  16. Posted by Kurt Brown

    PS As for the kitchen, agree with SS and the other poster re lack of counter space next to the stove and missing upper cabinets. However, the first is easily remedied with a rolling cart, and you could easily install some upper cabinets over the sink, in between the windows, no problem.
    The agent demonstrated the stove for us, and it’s awesome. Works amazingly well, and I think a real chef would totally be into it. Even the unusual step of putting the fridge and the stackable washer/dryer behind the Japanese screen (those screens are used very effectively thruout the unit) seemed pretty workable to me. When you’re cooking, you open the screen so the fridge shows. It’s reasonably well placed there. If you’re doing laundry, you open the screen the other way.
    As for the bricks, I thought they looked great. Can’t comment on their seismic fortitude, however.

  17. Posted by sfrenegade

    “However, the first is easily remedied with a rolling cart”
    Just make sure it’s not flammable (stainless steel, maybe) because that stove is not designed for having flammable things near it. That’s why they placed it the way they did.

  18. Posted by SocketSite

    The sale of 537 Steiner closed escrow today with a reported contract price of $1,100,000 ($474 per square foot).

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