“The City this week is launching a new tax credit for residents who are interested in retrofitting their homes to cutback on their energy use. Homeowners can get up to $2,000 in tax credits, depending on their income level, if they get an energy audit and go through with improvements that will result in a 20 percent energy savings, at minimum.”
City launches tax credit for energy-efficient home improvements [SFExaminer]

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    From SF Department of the Environment:
    You are required to be a BPI certified Home Performance Contractor or working with a Whole Home Performance Retrofit Contracting business? These type of contractors will be required to get the incentives. There is a listing (vendors) on the Green Finance SF page at
    The incentives are based upon modeled energy savings and this is attained by using building science methods: Conducting a blower door test, Envelope sealing, insulation (attic), Combustion safety testing, etc. PG&E will also have some incentives available for Multifamily buildings 5 units or less.

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