620 Euclid
The systems and seismic work has already been completed, but the 7,711 square foot Jordan Park home at 620 Euclid remains unfinished and partially gutted with some drywall already hung. Asking $3,100,000 as-is.
One estimate to finish the project came in at $913,768 with $50,400 budgeted for interior trim alone. And yes, we’ve got floor plans as per recent appraisal as well as proposed.
∙ Listing: 620 Euclid Avenue (7/6.5) 7,711 sqft – $3,100,000 [] [MLS]

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  1. Posted by sfrenegade

    If this place is partially gutted, despite the seismic work, new roof, new electrical, and new plumbing, it seems like it should be far closer to the 1999 sale price of $1.4M than it is now.
    The master bedroom is apparently “hedonistic.” It does seem like they made the layout a little more favorable. They converted the former “master study” into the master bedroom so they could convert the old master bathroom to make one of the other bedrooms en-suite. I think they are counting the “exercise room” on the floor plans as the 7th bedroom (which would be en-suite), but that room is attached to the mechanical room and the wine cellar, so that’s probably why they marked it as common space instead of a bedroom. They switched the wine cellar with the laundry room in order to make a half bath into a full bath on the bottom floor, and they also removed a full bath on that floor to make the bedroom much bigger.

  2. Posted by mikey woodz

    wow thats a high estimate, 109k for painting??+ labor… I think I’d run by the Kelly Moore school on Divisadero

  3. Posted by poor guy

    I am just a poor dumb guy…i walk past this place all the time and the location is just so-so…yes the house big. Being a poor dumb guy I am gonna say that if i had like $2M I could buy a house in sea cliff between California and Lake streets on between 28th and 30th aves and get a better relative value.

  4. Posted by patty

    I have been walking past this place for years and always assumed, with the handicapped accessible signage, that it was a nice retirement home.
    The construction workers have been full time for at least a year… what an odd listing!

  5. Posted by bernalkid

    well, they better paint all that exterior wood white!

  6. Posted by anonee

    “I am just a poor dumb guy” who is a shill for his overpriced outer avenues listing…

  7. Posted by sfrenegade

    Agree with anonee. Funny how our “poor guy” uniquely identified a house.

  8. Posted by live in the area

    Anyone else think that if this corner house had an address on commonwealth rather than Euclid it would be more?

  9. Posted by empty

    I used to walk by this building every day and I had also always assumed it was some kind of retirement home/multi-unit building. And it’s been under construction for what feels like forever. How bizarre. Euclid is surprisingly noisy and high-traffic between Masonic and Arguello. That’s a lot of scratch under the circumstances.
    Then again, people who like the neighborhood seem to really, really like it, and there’s only a few square blocks of it.

  10. Posted by SocketSite

    The list price for 620 Euclid has just been reduced $350,000 (11%), now asking $2,750,000.

  11. Posted by sfrenegade

    Is the house that “poor guy” was talking about 286 30th? I can’t remember. Did any other houses sell on those blocks he identified recently? 286 30th has been on the market since April and has been price-cutting. It’s cross-listed on SF MLS and BAREIS.

  12. Posted by eddy

    Pending per a sticker on the sign in front of the house and on her website.

  13. Posted by SocketSite

    The sale of 620 Euclid closed escrow today with a reported contract price of $2,437,000 (21 percent under original asking).
    Once again, one estimate to finish renovating the 7,711 square foot Jordan Park home came in at $913,768 with $50,400 budgeted for interior trim alone.

  14. Posted by sfrenegade

    And speaking of our “poor guy”‘s house, it has been relisted again this month after being de-listed in December. It’s at mid-October’s $1.599M price, which was down from early October’s $1.685M. He bought in 2006 for $1.4M. Anyone know what the original price last April was? Still cross-listed with BAREIS.

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