159 Cervantes

Purchased for $2,050,000 in June 2007 the single-family Marina home at 159 Cervantes is back on the market in 2010 asking $1,895,000 (8 percent less). We’re assuming the “Le Cornufe” highlighted in the listing is actually a La Cornue and not some knockoff.

UPDATE: Apparently by “Le Cornufe” they actually meant a “CornuFé” by La Cornue.

9 thoughts on “Pommes Des Pommes (And A La Cornue) At 159 Cervantes”
  1. I take exception to the identification of any range available in “Cabaret Red” and “Paris Blue” as being “commercial.”

  2. My pet peeve, the listing real estate agent, who’s supposed to be one of those hard working professionals we are constantly hearing about, described the style of the house as (wait for it…): “Traditional”
    I’m guessing this must be the default option on the Style field when an agent enters a listing into the MLS.
    Anyway, at least for the facade, I’d describe it as Spanish Colonial Revival:

    Spanish Colonial Revival architecture is characterized by a combination of detail from several eras…the style is marked by the prodigious use of smooth plaster (stucco) wall and chimney finishes, low-pitched clay tile, shed, or flat roofs, and terracotta or cast concrete ornaments. Other characteristics typically include small porches or balconies, Roman or semi-circular arcades and fenestration, wood casement or tall, double–hung windows, canvas awnings, and decorative iron trim.

    I am not an architectural historian and don’t expect the listing agent to be, but Mr. Tejada could have at least consulted his own association’s web site on the topic before clicking “publish”.

  3. I was beginning to like this house until I saw the backyard … and the back of the house. So sadly ugly.

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