464 Tehama's new Howard Steet Facade (www.SocketSite.com)
The new Howard Street façade for 464 Tehama above and as was originally built below.
464 Tehama's Original Howard Street Facade
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23 thoughts on “Said New Façade On Howard Behind Which 464 Tehama Resides”
  1. Just a wild guess…but I’m thinking this is reversed (e.g., what is labelled as the old facade is actually the new facade).
    [Editor’s Note: Nope. Think ongoing maintenance over original design.]

  2. I’ve always loved the original. Wonder if the ongoing graffiti probs forced a different treatment. New is far less interesting (to me) but perhaps can resist the graffiti brigade — in anything-goes SF.

  3. I wonder how much of the on-going maintenance had more to do with the inset window bay as opposed to the rusted surface.
    The word “flush” comes to mind for more than one reason.

  4. In the original design, I’m sure there was an entry door on the right hand side of the window set back – picture is taken at the wrong angle to show the door. I am assume the door was removed to accomodate the new window and the mullion on the left side marks an emergency egress door.
    Right after this place was finished and photographed, the corten steel was tagged with graffitti. The city used the typical “beige/brown” paint to cover said graffitti so I understand the facade change.

  5. A design that would never be approved in a nice SF neighborhood, and yet it can’t survive a bad one.
    It belongs on Abbott Kinney Blvd in Venice.

  6. Before the flush glass was put in, but after the stainless steel panels replaced the CorTen steel panels, there were open-air stainless mesh panels securing the window recess. So this is actually the third facade — that second version definitely looked better than this latest incarnation…

  7. Right you are rubber_chicken, right you are. Seems like every time I went by this over the past several years it was either tagged or recently cleaned of tags. Sad really.

  8. I can only imagine the mornings spent cleaning up the pee, graffiti and overnight guest’s garbage in that original facade’s recess. As obviously visually superior a facade as it was, it’s ostentatious statement of wealth in such an area begged a response from the real world. The new facade is a sad reminder of this reality. It may behoove architects on such projects to consider this more carefully?

  9. Some greenery would greatly enhance the design. Is there anything preventing the owner from planting a tree between the two meters?

  10. I won’t be surprised if the parking meters are new. SF has installed a great number of parking meters in the past 10 years.

  11. This is one of the finest, most livable, most beautiful residences in San Francisco – in a totally impossible location. This is the problem with NIMBYs – something like this could never be built in Tel Hill or Pac Heights – only where no one cares what gets built. Tis more the pity.

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