Kip and Nicole Macy (Pacific Heights The Sequel (Working Title: “Landlords Gone Wild!”)) have skipped town after posting a combined half-million dollar bail bond.

They had both spent some time in the slammer — Nicole more than Kip, who got out to raise cash for her bail — before being allowed to put up Kip’s parents’ property as collateral for bond.

Let’s hope the bail bondsman didn’t use Zillow when deciding whether or not to issue said bond (or at the very least checked for notices of default or delinquency).
Pacific Heights The Sequel (Working Title: “Landlords Gone Wild!”) [SocketSite]
”Landlords from Hell” vanish [SFGate]

18 thoughts on “From “Landlords Gone Wild!” To Landlords On The Run”
  1. At least one of the 2 worked in RE profession
    Dreamed of getting rich with RE
    Bought into the RE dream
    Crossed the legal line with RE
    Spent time in Government RE
    Got bailed out with RE money
    The bail bondsman will probably do a REpo!
    An appropriate outcome.

  2. “Their passports expired while they were in the hands of authorities as the case was pending, so they simply went and got new ones.”
    I’m not sure I would have thought of that 🙂

  3. “put up Kip’s parents’ property as collateral for bond”
    Foolish, but I guess that’s what you do for your kids. So now the parents either pony up $500,000 or lose their house.*
    The parents aren’t as absurdly stupid as the kids, but nearly so.
    * This is actually not a bad outcome from a societal perspective. The govt gets half a million and avoids having to pay to lock up a couple of idiots who don’t appear to be dangerous anyway.

  4. An interesting development on 744-746 Clementina.
    Property Shark shows a sale to Maximo Investments LLC for 110K on 6/11/10.
    Did repo-man take their building as well? Or did they simply cash out whatever they could to fund their “bail-out”?

  5. I had actually looked at buying one of the TIC’s there back in 2006 but ultimately the main reason I decided against it was because I did not have confidence that owners would follow through on getting the whole building finished. They appeared to be trying to sell them off one at a time as they got renovated after tenants got booted. It just felt that there was a bit too much risk that something might happen and the conversion process would come to a halt and I would be involved in a huge mess.
    I am glad I went with my gut on this but wow did I ever underestimate how much of a mess it could end up being.

  6. According to the S.F. Recorders website, a Trustee’s Deed (read: foreclosure) was filed on April 22, 2010. As a reminder, their loan was with Tamalpais Bank; I guess the Lembi’s had some help.

  7. This is just further evidence that they shouldn’t have cancelled Law & Order. 20 years and not once did this renew-the-passports plot twist get used. Clearly there were so many stories left to tell.

  8. Exactly, this is perfect for “riping from the headlines”, just have their shannigans result in a death and its a perfect law and order episode.

  9. Since they skipped bail, perhaps an alternative television tie-in would be to have the famous reality show bounty hunter “Dog” hunt them down for jumping bail. He normally operates in Hawaii, but he’s been known to come to San Francisco for specific jobs. If they actually are somewhere in Europe, so much the better, we could watch Dog chase them around there.
    The bail bonding company could probably get more money out of A&E for the episode than Kip and Nicole Macy actually owe them.

  10. My friend knows the Macy’s and the parents are devastated that their son would do this. That is their retirement they are blowing off. Guess this proves how guilty they are. I pray someone who knows where they are has a heart to giving the parents this info. They are literally becoming ill over this. its heartbreaking.

  11. This just proves even further what kind of people they are. Kip & Nicole Macy might be living in freedom now but karma will catch up to the both of them. Maybe they will be imprisoned somewhere other than the USA then they will regret it. I pray they don’t reproduce

  12. I was wondering since Kip & Nicole are fugitives now if any company hires them will they be prosecuted for harboring a fugitive. If I was associated with kip in anyway on any project I would change that real fast. Soon people will know he is a fugitive and to be associated with him makes one wonder and one day the police might be knocking at your door. Not good for the business. Especially when people find out what he continues to do

  13. Brilliant, they turned down a plea to serve one year in jail, then skipped town, got caught in Italy, spent a year fighting extradiction, then agree to a four year prison term. At what point do they qualify for an insanity defense?

  14. Ah, re-reading the old articles and thread is a trip down memory lane. I still remember touring this building and not realizing that all this was going on.

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