San Francisco Columbarium
Designed by Bernard J.S. Cahill the landmark San Francisco Columbarium was built in 1898 as part of what was once the Odd Fellows Cemetery. Abandoned from 1934 to 1979, The Neptune Society has since restored the building to its former glory and proposes to surround the Columbarium with three single-story “niche enclosure” buildings.

The proposed project [click rendering to enlarge]…would contain approximately 5,300 niches for the permanent keeping of cremation ashes, including 300 niches for pet remains [and] the planting of dense hedges of redwood trees around the northwest corner of the project site that would screen the new structures from the view of adjacent residences.

No changes are proposed in the existing Columbarium building, nor in the existing adjacent single‐story office building (except for the replacement of a garage door with a window in the office building). The remainder of the project site, including existing parking and landscaping, would remain the same as under existing conditions.

Also noted: “No new off-street parking spaces would be provided.”
Landmark 209: San Francisco Columbarium []

18 thoughts on “5,300 New <em>Long-Term</em> Housing Niches As Proposed…”
  1. After they die, does the SF Rent Ordinance require their landlords to help pay for the funeral, burial, and plot maintenance?

  2. The per square foot price puts blissful 2005-06 to shame; there is poor natural light and no view; ceiling is somewhat low; no gym; no storage; BUT…built along the in vogue stacker concept; the neighbors are quiet; crime rate is low; quality marble finish; easy financing; long term appreciation potential and for those that complains about HOA dues – it is included in the purchase price.

  3. i’m gonna buy this, Ellis it, TIC convert, and sell with fractional financing before the board of supes extends protected tenancy to the dead.

  4. Does anyone know what these bad boys typically go for? (w/o parking!). I’ve been wondering where to put myself when it’s all said and done.

  5. God, I needed that laugh. Thanks everyone!
    I priced the niches a few years back. Price depends on location/floor of the building and whether or not it’s a “historical” niche or a newly created one. On average about $2000 – $5000 bsck then.

  6. Just another example of American excess. In Japan their niches are half this size.

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