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Speaking of HOPE SF and the rebuilding of public housing in San Francisco, the official groundbreaking (or rather buildingbreaking) ceremony for the redevelopment of the 267-unit Hunters View public housing development is scheduled for this morning.

The first phase of the project will consist of 106 new public housing and BMR rental units and will no longer include any of the 250 to 300 market rate condos (expected to be priced around $425 per square foot) nor 50 BMR condos which will now follow in later phases of the 650-ish-unit mixed-income redevelopment.

8 thoughts on “Hunters View <strike>Groundbreaking</strike> Buildingbreaking Ceremony Today”
  1. Is there any reason given for the removal of the market rate condos, and BMR condos from the plan?
    I know they intend to replace the 267 units, 1 for 1, and since only about 2/3rds were occupied previously, and given SFHAs right of return requirements, i would guess only about half of previous residents will actually return. So I wonder why the additional 300-350 will go the rental route (presumably) when they could be built as BMR’s much like Mission Walk in Mission Bay. Then again Lennar is planning to build homes/townhomes and maybe having apartments will allow for faster population shift and expedited retail/commercial development as there is none on that side of the hill.

  2. My guess is that the MR units were deleted because the market rate for this site is less than the development costs.
    If true this would mean that Hope SF is paying OVER market rate for the housing projects.

  3. Wait, the developer may be getting OVER market rate AND still qualify for the tax shelter for building public housing?
    I think we’ve found a way to keep developers alive during the Great Recession.

  4. We’ll rewrite our second paragraph above, but to be clear…the redevelopment of Hunters View will still include 250+ market rate units, those originally slated for phase 1 have simply been shifted to phases 2&3 based on “current market conditions” (or rather current market rates).

  5. NYC is so over housing projects. They now force developers to include units reserved for low income families in high end buildings. When is SF gonna get a clue. Projects Do Not Work.

  6. BMR rental housing as a project? I hope Bridge Housing is involved. The only develpoer that does it right in this niche.

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