117 Lower Terrace: Facade
117 Lower Terrace from the front, from the inside
117 Lower Terrace: Living
And behind.
117 Lower Terrace: Rear
∙ Listing: 117 Lower Terrace (3/2) – $1,649,000 [MLS] [Map]
Spaces fresh and familiar (117 Lower Terrace) [www.jrstudiodesign.com]

15 thoughts on “Three Different Perspectives On (Or From) 117 Lower Terrace”
  1. Yes, Ronald, I agree. That something is: “There is no accounting for taste.” The living room looks like a NYC shoebox with a flat screen and a picture window stuffed inside.

  2. From the front, and from the inside is meh.
    From behind is awesome. But then again, I’ve always been an ass man.

  3. The market has had an uptick. It’s an uptick from 15 months of a relatively weak market. It’s now the second market since the bull run of three and a half years. Don’t look at the distant peaks, regard the new plateau.

  4. wow, that’s poetic anonn! Perhaps we should go back to Haikus.
    little box big views
    Don’t look back at distant peaks
    regard new plateau
    Are you at all surprised to see this place to go into contract so fast? Do you think this is partially the power of style over substance? I can’t help but think that once the furniture is removed, there may be some buyer’s remorse. But I haven’t seen it, and the pics didn’t even show all the beds and baths(which makes me even more suspicious, frankly, but I assume there were more pics coming).
    Joel and his partners are nice guys, so bravo for market timing if this sale is completed.

  5. PS has it at 852 ft², so $1.6mm, so the /ft² is off the charts. No permits shown for any expansion space, so this makes no sense relative to the market.

  6. This neighborhood always surprises me. Homes with little curb appeal open up to stunning views.
    My theory of houses perched on an incline: “small in front, sweet in back.”

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