Presidio Landmark Building 1801 (
The non-historic wings have been removed and Forest City’s redevelopment of Building 1801 (soon to be known as “Presidio Landmark,” previously known as the rather less inviting and marketable Public Health Service Hospital) into 154 studio, one, and two-bedroom apartments continues to make great strides.

Where possible, the historic wood windows and brick and stone facades [have been] refurbished…A three-story addition is being added added at the rear of the building…[and] Seven small townhomes are being added totaling about 16,000 square feet.

A smattering of floor plans for the marble, granite and stainless steel adorned units are online but rates have yet to be set. First occupancy is slated for this summer.
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Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by eddy

    Are these going to be rental stock? Interesting.

  2. Posted by kthnxybe

    The townhomes look nice.

  3. Posted by jlasf

    What an improvement. It’s really a very handsome building now.
    The layouts of the units are a bit unusual/odd. Check out the entry of the 2 bd/2 ba 1,500 sq. ft unit. It has a hallway about 25′ feet long with windows along one side.
    I couldn’t find any images of the exterior/location of the townhouses. If they have a nice view, they could be fantastic.

  4. Posted by BobN

    The “townhouses” appear to be the homes strung along the road to the east of the main building. Wyman (I think). I thought those were single family homes. Might be duplexes, I guess.
    One might wonder aloud why the Presidio Trust would allow homes to deteriorate for almost 15 years before deciding to renovate them…

  5. Posted by BobN

    The coolest buildings in that complex are the old heating plant and other industrial buildings. They’d make awesome lofts.

  6. Posted by khaki

    Re one-bedroom unit floorplans: What is the little swingdoor in the bathrooms? What is the other thing against the wall — a towel warmer?

  7. Posted by joh

    ^If you’re referring to the 600 and 800 sqft 1BRs, I think those are towel cabinets.

  8. Posted by Dave

    Will be very curious to see what the rental pricing will be like, I assume quite high. Would also be nice if these could be 4-sale condos instead of rentals, alas not something I believe possible given the Presidio Trust/Park agreements.

  9. Posted by zzzzzzz

    I’m no fan of taggers but the pre-renovation hospital, in all its decrepitude, had some of the most spectacular graffiti anywhere in the city limits.

  10. Posted by flaneur


  11. Posted by bgelldawg

    Important to remember that these apartments, on federal land, are not subject to San Francisco’s tenant protections, e.g. no rent control.

  12. Posted by zzzzzzz

    Well, of course not, and rightfully so. The mission of the Presidio Trust is to create a self-sustaining national park. The Trust would never tolerate rental regulation which would limit its ability to maintain its apartments and provide for maintenance and restoration of the overall park.

  13. Posted by khaki

    @joh – yeah, that must be it.. Haven’t seen built-in towel cabinets in years.

  14. Posted by Fishchum

    Has anyone heard what rents are going to go for? Presidio housing tends to be on the high side, and I’m sue these will command a premium because they’re new.

  15. Posted by jb

    The houses being renovated along Wyman Road are not the townhouses. Those are new construction along the back of the field near the preschool. The old power plant is a book printer – Arion Press, i think. Sad that the Wyman Road houses were allowed to deteriorate but good that they will now be prettied up.
    The apartments will all be market rate rentals and cannot be for sale under the agreement with the presidio.
    The developer will also redo the trails and parking lots around the property as part of the deal.

  16. Posted by agentsf

    This place is haunted. No Joke.

  17. Posted by Dan

    The adjacent new buildings, the Belles Townhomes that are part of Presidio Landmark, are 3 bedroom and 3 bath, perfect for families that can afford them.

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