San Francisco’s first ever parking space inventory totaled 441,541 on-street, off-street, paid or free parking spaces in the city. Unwarranted spaces not included we’re guessing.
Also mentioned in the Mayor’s weekly YouTube address this past Friday: Federal funds of $20 million for San Francisco’s Central Subway, $15 million for Bus Rapid Transit (BRT), and a nod to San Francisco’s Jobs Now! program.
Mayor Newsom’s YouTube Update: Feb. 5, 2010 [YouTube]
Coming Soon: Guidelines For Tending Concrete Gardens Out Front [SocketSite]
San Francisco’s Central Subway: Make That 2018 And An Extra $278M [SocketSite]
JOBS NOW! Information []

4 thoughts on “Parking Space Trivia (And Spoiler): 441,541 Spaces In San Francisco”
  1. I’m sure that scientists who read that report will chuckle at the “precision” of the count.
    Expressed another way this number means that San Francisco’s citizens are paying $44 million a month for parking assuming a low low value of $100/mo per spot.

  2. People have been saying that we need more parking in The City since I was a teenager. Hell, IIRC, Diane Feinstein, when she was Mayor (!), pulled a stunt where they did a massive survey, found a lot of spots that were parallel and turned them into diagonal spots in order to increase parking. How’d that work out?
    The solution would be along the lines of congestion pricing.

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