830 El Camino Del Mar

Apparently we might have miscounted by one in August. And with yesterday’s listing at $11,500,000 it’s the fifteenth time 830 El Camino Del Mar has hit the market seeking a buyer over the past twelve years.

As we’re running out of new facts for this one, we’ll turn to a tipster’s poem (for better or self-admittedly long and worse) and creative chronology:

Well Well Well
It just didn’t sell
In ‘98
when times were great
It was priced…
Just a little too high
At 8 million and Five (1)

Well well well
It just didn’t sell
In ‘99 Malin
tried again
for 7.8 (2)
with a view
of the gate
Twasn’t enough bait

Well well well
Time will surely tell
In 2000 Sotheby’s
Surely they blustered
An offer we’ll muster
An offer as great
As a half million plus 8 (3)
just didn’t arrive
Later that year
Alain Pinel Did crow
“It’s priced too low!”
We”ll get it sold best
At nine million and five (4)
No sold sign arrived

Well well well
The truth is there
For all to tell
Its price too low
So they had another go
At 12 million and five (5)
No Sold sign arrived
Nuanced pricing
‘tis the answer
APR did tell
Thrice relisted
This we ‘ll sell
Just under 11
At 10 million point eight (6)
With a view of the Gate
Persistance surely
wins the race
it’s on
thier 4th relisting
10 million eight
With a view of the gate
In 2001
The sold sign not hung

Well well well
That son of gun
Kevin Cole will
not be undone
HE re-listed it fine
He’s just asking nine (7)
In 2002
No sold sign
Boo hoo,
it just can’t be true

Well well well
Later that year
Nina did appear
Price adjustin’ in
The air
Into this mix
Coldwell did list
For measly little six (8)
It was not adjusted enough
No sold sign appeared
That 2002 year

Well well well
Its price too low
Cole shouted again
It’s never too late
To buy it for eight (9)
No sold sign appeared
That 2003 year

Well well well
The market is up
The time is right
It’s price too low
We ‘ll get it sold
in 2004
For eight and half (10)
I wish I could laugh
In 2005
No sold sign
It’s price too low!

So here we go
Tis 18 million so (11)
A price arrived
with Micheal J King
With a view
of the gate
No Sold sign
Was placed
In 2008
Proclaiming it sold
a familiar tale
to be told
In 2008
Have no fear
Later that year
John Saar willing
To sell
A golden cliff house
With a view of the gate
Three times’s an old price
18 million’s just great (12)
With a view of the gate
Yet no sold sign appeared
That 2008 year.

Thirteen is a lucky number
Some brave heart will say
Knows the drill
So into 2009
economy in full dive
The Duponts
(Of Decker Bullock fame)
did not jive
When they
Arrived a price
With a view of the gate
For 11 million Five (13)
Then took a swan dive
When the house
did not sell
in 2009.
There was no
SOLD sign.
Later that year
Telegraph Hill Property
Did appear
time around
it was clear
they could sell
To someone
from dwell
A location so live
Right down
to the ground
For 11 million and five (14)
No sold signed appeared
That 2009 year.

Well well well
There is a house to sell
Its sits on cliff
With a view of the gate
And Olivia did list
A view home
Can be yours
For nothing more
Its 11.5 million (15)
In 2010
Its New Years Again

And an official two days on the market according to those industry stats.

17 thoughts on “Would You Believe Fifteen For 830 El Camino Del Mar (And Not Million)”
  1. It might be an especially hard sell for a house like this with the crumbling cliff in Pacifica (even if this one claims to be reinforced).

  2. I’m so bored with this house. Can someone please buy it, put it into a family trust, remodel it attractively, and take it off the market for a few decades?

  3. The collapsing cliff in Pacific is mostly sand. The Sea Cliff neighborhood is on solid rock which makes it unusually stable during earthquakes.

  4. “accoss the street”, nope. I believe you have written this on the wrong thread. That should go with 107 24th street.

  5. The sinkhole was because of a broken pipe, and it was nowhere near the cliffs. A broken pipe can happen in any neighborhood (and does….)

  6. I saw this come on yesterday and honestly vomited in my mouth a little.
    What I don’t get is why do the Realtors keep taking this listing?!?!
    Especially Olivia Decker, shes already had the listing before and it didn’t sell, people forget this but its not free to Realtors to list a property (or at least not free for a good one) a house with this price tag you have to spend thousands of dollars marketing & advertising it… Just doesnt seem like a smart move to me!!!

  7. Mark, you must remember that agent marketing has very little to do with having a home sold. With the internet and ease of access to the MLS and places like Redfin, home buyers can find listed properties then approach the listing agent or bring in another agent to present and negotiate a deal. This process works well for typical dwellings.
    Larger properties like these are typically given to agents who sell/buy more expensive properties because they might have a list of known people who might be interested and then solicit their business.
    All the colorful brochures and various other agent marketing techniques are nice to look at but do very little to help sell a property.

  8. somebody please push this house into the Pacific Ocean already! I’m so sick and tire of seeing this house on the market again for the nth time!!!

  9. The list price for 830 El Camino del Mar has just been reduced $1,000,000 (9%), now asking $10,500,000. Might it be foreshadowing for listing number sixteen?

  10. I’d get my Realtor’s license just to do open houses on the WEs in this place. I promise I’ll make the place clean after the parties.

  11. This seller needs the agent who double ended 2507 Pacific to convince him to sell for half that price to avoid the grueling dog and pony show of selling a high value home.

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