“The Academy of Art University, a major San Francisco landlord whose properties stretch from the Marina to South of Market, is coming under fire for property purchases that diminish affordable housing stock and for failing to promptly fix code violations.”
“Academy officials say they’ve largely rejuvenated dilapidated housing and provided homes to thousands of art students. They also say they’re working diligently to comply with city codes, but have been subject to changing requirements, confusion in the permitting process and complex demands.”
S.F. officials take hard look at Academy of Art [SFGate]
And The Artists Shall Inherit Acquire San Francisco [SocketSite]

5 thoughts on “Academy of Art About To Learn A Hard Lesson (Or Not)?”
  1. The institution that every so-called progressive loves to bash. Did they do end run(s) around the planning commission, probably yes. Did they take “affordable housing” out of the supply…subject to debate. The bottom line is the academy is big, it makes (made) money, it doesn’t support the progressive’s agenda to dismantle corporate san francisco. So, the progressive board of supervisors will dismantle the academy at every chance they get. You just watch.

  2. Yep, the BoS is out to get AoA. You can clearly see that by the fact that the AoA has already been given over two years to fix some of the problems. Obviously if the BoS was not out to get the AoA they would be given at least another two years before the planning department considered again if it was time to sue.

  3. Universities/colleges never meet housing code.
    But if the BoS has an agenda against AoA for taking “affordable housing” out of supply, the BoS does far worse.

  4. The Academy of Art is a worthy adversary of the leftists in city government: it has money, lawyers, political and social connections.
    Unlike every mom and pop investor or home owner, who cannot fight the politicians and bureaucracy, the Academy is tough and rich and will win this one, with a few concessions to allow Planning and Supervisors to save face.
    This will be the most interesting — and in some sense worthwhile — political encounter of the year. Gentlemen, start your engines…

  5. oy Vey says “The bottom line is the academy is big, it makes (made) money.”
    RIGHT ! And where does all that money come from ? Wealthy Japanese and Asian parents, who send their spoilt bratty kids to “learn Art in America”.
    Spend a few hours hanging out near the entrances and side alleys of any of the 2 main campuses in downtown, and you will know what I mean.
    These bratty kids are always hanging out smoking and killing time and talking in Chinese, Japanese (or whatever their native language is). They never bother to blend in with mainstream America and scorn at Americans.
    Not to mention the academies countless Shuttle Vans that cause congestion on Bush St and other streets leading to downtown and to the Bay Bridge on rush hour.
    All in all, this “Art Academy” is a nuisance and a cloak for some real estate tycoon who is buying up all the properties in our cities under the pretex of teaching and promoting “Art”.
    And before you chastise me for being offensive, politically incorrect etc etc, check the facts on this “institute” and then say what you have to say !

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