2215 Lake Street
While perhaps not our first choice, or perhaps combination, of colors on the outside, there’s a lot to like inside 2215 Lake (including a nice little sunroom and deck above).
2215 Lake Street Foyer
And yes, a three car garage to store the cars (and toys) when you bike to work.
∙ Listing: 2215 Lake Street (4/3) – $1,695,000 [MLS]

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by lolcat_94123

    Why don’t they show pictures of what it will be like 75% of the time out there – covered in fog.

  2. Posted by anonn

    It doesn’t even look particularly sunny in the photos looking due south lolcat_94123. If your question is, why do photographers wait for good light? The answer is obvious. This is a question you verbally ask and answer.

  3. Posted by The Milkshake of Despair

    Wow, nice looking place. It likes that the line of owners have been kind to the original design and details. The asking price seems a little low to me but perhaps that’s just because I got jaded by the bubble prices.

  4. Posted by EBGuy

    The asking price seems a little low to me..
    Coalition of the Willing? Perhaps they are gettin’ out while the gettin’ is good. They should be very flexible on price as they bought pre-y2k.

  5. Posted by priced_out_with_envy

    What a steal, someone is going to make out like a bandit.

  6. Posted by eddy

    Paid ~900 with 250k loan, and refi’d 450k in 2002 and taxes look to be based off a ~1.2 assessment. Probably sells quick at this price, but it is in line with comps in the area. Does seem a little low. Bellings is a pretty good agent and has sold some properties in the area. I’d say he priced to move quickly and the owners stand to make a little profit. That’s a nice part of Lake there by West Clay. Good luck.

  7. Posted by ex SF-er

    I really like this place. Extremely livable. Only in SF would you say this, but $1.7M seems “cheap” to me too.
    amazing when you compare this to what you get for $1.7M in other neighborhoods, fog or not.
    does it have a yard?

  8. Posted by Troy

    You could put this interior in an underground bunker and I wouldn’t mind living in it.

  9. Posted by simpr

    Nice but ……… for $1.7 (ignoring this is in a city) I don’t want to have my SFH next to a HUGE apt building. Do an aerial view of this – the back is boxed in by 1 very large building and another med 3-6 unit place. Oh, and as my very astute wife pointed out, it’s on the “wrong” side of Lake.

  10. Posted by Fishchum

    simpr – why the “wrong” side of Lake? Is it because you’d get more sunshine in your backyard if the house was on the south side of the street?
    I agree with you about being dwarfed – I looked at the Mapjack view and does indeed look dwarfed by the buildings on either side of it.

  11. Posted by anonn

    This house is on the south side. In SF, usually all odd numbered addresses on north south streets are on the south side. It probably gets decent sunshine for the area.
    When people say that they mean the houses whose backyards open up to the Presidio, or the houses on the avenue cul de sacs jutting north. They tend to have nice lots and GG Bridge or Headlands views. For example, the other Lake street house featured here recently was on the north side. But it had a small lot that opened up to its avenue neighbors bigger east-west lots. And it lacked a view, too. For that one the “right” side was the “wrong” side.

  12. Posted by anonn

    err — That was in SF east-west streets with odd numbers have lots opening back to the south.

  13. Posted by russianhillman

    I did a drive by. I like Lake Street alot and used to live near this house. But its on the wrong side of Lake as several of you mentioned. But more importantly, it is dwarfed by the buildings next to it. I’m sure there is a lack of light. For $1.7M, could do better. I’m surprised how many of you commented that you thought the price was great. I guess if you purely look at square footage and area, but there is the factor of the specific house, lack of light, no yard etc that brings the price down further.

  14. Posted by anonn

    No yard? It’s a 2495 sq foot lot. There’s a southern exposure yard. Point taken about it larger buildings on either side. This is a better house than the fixer that went for 1.7M cash on the “right” side (but wrong lot.)

  15. Posted by wow

    There is no front yard, but there’s definitely a back yard with a bit of green.

  16. Posted by anon

    ^ A very very very small bit of green.

  17. Posted by SocketSite

    The list price for 2215 Lake Street has been reduced $100,000 (6%), now asking $1,595,000.

  18. Posted by SocketSite

    The sale of 2215 Lake Street closed escrow today with a reported contract price of $1,560,000.

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