565 Castro
It’s not exactly our usual fare, but for a bit a early week levity by way of a plugged-in tipster and San Francisco’s Planning Commission Agenda for tomorrow:

565 CASTRO STREET – on the east side of Castro Street between 18th and 19th Streets; Lot 062 in Assessor’s Block 3583 – Request for a Conditional Use Authorization, pursuant to Planning Code Sections 303, 715.54, and 790.60, to allow a massage establishment (dba Hand Job) to operate within the Castro Neighborhood Commercial District and 40-X Height and Bulk District.

Preliminary Recommendation: Approval with Conditions

Our tipster’s off handed (ba-dump-bump) comment: “…I hope one of the conditions is reconsideration of the name.”
To bring the story full circle (which is why the tip made our cut), it was two years ago we broke the news that First American Title which had occupied the space was closing down due to “market conditions” at the time.
UPDATE: The reader’s comment we wish we would have thought of first: “I hope the tipster will let us know if this story has a happy ending.”
First American Title Co. Closing Castro Branch (565 Castro Street) [SocketSite]
Planning Commission Agenda: Thursday, December 17, 2009 [SFGov]

25 thoughts on “565 Castro: A Tipster’s Off Handed Comment (And Actual Update)”
  1. Hand Job is already open. They need to open Blow Job now (hair stylists, of course). To complete the trifecta a bike shop is needed – Rim Job.

  2. Krismet, the business is currently open as a relatively upscale mani/pedi place (hence the “clever” hand job). Now they want to add massages, which indeed makes their choice of names a little uncomfortable, if you were reading the application without context. However, it does appear to be a very legitimate business. It’s just playing on a long line of Castro neighborhood store names like “Hot and Hunky” (and old burger place) or “Rock Hard” (a porn emporium.

  3. This place has been open for a while…gotten a few hand jobs there myself…I think its a clever name for a mani-pedi place…

  4. @michael who said “Hand Job is already open. They need to open Blow Job now (hair stylists, of course). To complete the trifecta a bike shop is needed – Rim Job.”
    LOL. And you forgot a few more –
    . ‘Bust A Nut‘ (organic nut store).
    . ‘Hug those Twins‘ (products for new born babies)
    . ‘Adopt-a-Beaver‘ (exotic pet store)
    . ‘Dick’s Cream‘ (bakery and creamery owned by person named Dick Something)
    I could go on and on here guys 🙂

  5. I love the owners Will & Tevin and they deserve kudos for opening a new business in these difficult economic times. Hand Job may not succeed in Fresno or Bakersfield; but the Castro is neither!

  6. And don’t forget the thirty-year old Castro bar, Moby Dick. Thank god there is still some élan in the gay community, and everything is not politically correct. Have a little fun girls.

  7. I would not go into a shop called hand job if the mani pedi’s were free.
    I hear they are actually pretty good.
    So my nose/my face (my hands/my feet?)

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