78 Anderson

With a new kitchen and some other seemingly minor renovations (i.e., no pulled permits) since its purchase for $990,000 in December 2007 (the kitchen at the time below), the recent sale of 78 Anderson on 11/19/09 apparently isn’t perfectly “apples to apples.”

78 Anderson Kitchen circa 2007

But with a reported contract price of $1,062,000 ($65,000 over asking) it is a data point at $699 per square foot for the 1,519-square-foot, four-bedroom Bernal home with views.

18 thoughts on “Not Perfectly “Apples To Apples” But A Bernal Data Point Nonetheless”
  1. ^ yes, one positive equals objectivity. It means nothing wrt editors lack of bias- I personally don’t think the editor is particularly biased. But I do think many of his readers who feed the apple cart (so to speak) are biased.

  2. Who removes windows? Why would someone do that?
    “Damnit, there’s too much natural light in here.. we need to darken it up.”

  3. one positive equals objectivity.
    Depends on the market. In a declining market, you should not expect too many positives. Expecting an equal number of positives and negatives under all conditions is tantamount to reporters that believe “balance” implies giving equal time to arguments on both sides of an issue, no matter how absurd the claim may be (e.g., “Some scientists claim that the Earth is round, but others disagree with them…”).
    Still waiting for the first “previous buyer underpaid” claim… 😉

  4. the kitchen was much nicer before. it went from charming to austere and gloomy. At what point did dark and austere become “luxury.”

  5. Looks like you were wrong, anonn. 🙂
    But seriously, good win for the seller — I wonder how much money they put into the remodel. I liked the old kitchen better like some of the other commenters.

  6. But seriously, good win for the seller — I wonder how much money they put into the remodel.
    Agreed this is a fantastic outcome for the seller given the period during which they bought and sold.
    Nevertheless, it is important to note that they still lost tens of thousands of dollars after considering transactions costs, remodel costs, and carrying costs (relative to rental costs)! It would have been much better not to have bought at all.
    But, given that they did buy, they did very, very well to only lose as much as they did.

  7. clearly, the buyer must have believed that there was or would be competition for the sale. Anyone have any insider knowledge on whether this was a multiple offer situation?

  8. It could be an outlier. There were a few outliers in 2005-2007, and there are also some today. Maybe the buyer is overpaying at this price.

  9. “Waiting for someone to give theories on why this went over asking :)”
    Take your pick, bernal gentrifying, someone fell in love, bidding war, virtual bidding war, etc.
    All I know is into the apple barrel it goes. A data point of strength in the bernal market.
    “the kitchen was much nicer before.”
    Did the flipping public really beleive that re-pergraniteeling and already pergraniteeled kitchen would actually add any value?

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