1360 Montgomery

Designed by Irvin Goldstine and built in 1937, the Art Moderne Malloch building at 1360 Montgomery played a role in Dark Passage starring Bogart and Bacall.

Originally twelve apartments, the building was subsequently converted to condominiums. And while the vintage “Penthouse #12” isn’t listed, it is on the market.

1360 Montgomery Living

1,080 square feet with one-bedroom, one-bath and over 700 square feet of outdoor space overlooking the bay; plus there’s a 200 square foot “bonus” room, bath and terrace on the roof accessed via stairs on the deck.

1360 Montgomery Roof Studio

One parking space and big, big bay and Telegraph Hill views (including Coit Tower from the bed). Asking $1,500,000 with monthly HOA dues of $544.

UPDATE (10/27): As a plugged-in tipster notes, 1360 Montgomery #12 is now listed (and official inventory).

Full Disclosure: The listing agent for 1360 Montgomery #12 advertises on SocketSite but provided no compensation for this post (but did provide a tour and photos at our request).

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by diemos

    pretty, pretty.

  2. Posted by Paul Hwang

    Awesome! A true Tell Hill gem.

  3. Posted by nottimhawko

    beautiful condo… is that a real dog in the living room photo?

  4. Posted by Solis

    One swanky pad!

  5. Posted by Annie

    I was lucky to visit the penthouse on a bike tour of San Francisco Modern Architecture organized by the architect David Baker for the AIA and the SFBC in September. What a treat! It was one of the highlights of the tour with the Richard Neutra’s Schiff house in the Marina.

  6. Posted by Debtpocalypse

    The picture of the parrot on the railing is classic.
    What a great property. Where’s that spare $1.5m when you need it?

  7. Posted by Roger

    Sigh…. It’s the San Francisco I’ve always wanted to live in… and in my fantasy life it’s priced like the 1/1 condos in SOMA/Mission Bay. Oh well, I’ll have to keep from getting too depressed over not having it for myself.

  8. Posted by perplexed

    This is right along the stairway up to Coit Tower from Levi’s plaza. Great location. The picture with the parrot brings tears to my eyes.

  9. Posted by Fishchum

    Beautiful, but that’s a lot of white. I’d be too paranoid about staining something.

  10. Posted by dr. who

    I can’t believe I’m going to say this, but I think at 1.5mill it’s actually (almost) worth it. I think I would want wood floors and a matching deck though, too much white for me, but that’s a taste thing.

  11. Posted by Dakota

    A friend of mine has a white tile balcony similar to this one and the reflection is blinding on a sunny day. Beautiful place though!

  12. Posted by jlasf

    I bet this will be snapped up before you can say the word, “parrot.”
    Signature SF property.
    As for all the white, 1) it keeps the focus on the view and 2) it’s Art Moderne that fits the style of the building. But, that said, I would never serve a glass of red wine.

  13. Posted by Rubicon

    it’s that one just off the Filbert steps no?

  14. Posted by NoeValleyJim

    Now *that’s* a shag pad.

  15. Posted by salarywoman

    I love, love, love this building. And have done so for many years. Beautiful.
    I can’t believe it’s actually on the market and not being bought by a friend, or a friend of a friend, of the owners. In my experience this kind of property usually gets sold privately.

  16. Posted by steve

    $1.5 mil for an igloo?

  17. Posted by RSVP

    If I was Cinderella with $1.5M I’d be singing “A dream is a wish your heart makes” in here…what a nice way to start the weekend. Thank you.

  18. Posted by Ivana Katchokahoff

    Regardless of the etiquette dictum, this place makes white after Labor Day perfectly acceptable.

  19. Posted by Delancey

    Even has a parking spot (I assume just one), and the reasonable HOAs include heat.
    Curious why this is a pocket listing… (grumble, grumble, it’s annoying having to read through a bunch of random text to find the details, and don’t get me started on flash slideshows)

  20. Posted by bornnraised

    That website is terrible. Very nice property.

  21. Posted by location

    I believe this is about a block from Julius’ Castle? I haven’t been over to that part of town in years.
    Also want.

  22. Posted by Tall Guy

    I’ll buy this for $1.3. I wonder if it will go that low?

  23. Posted by OneEyedMan

    White shining summer
    Penthouse on Telegraph Hill
    One point five million

  24. Posted by steve

    this reminds me of what I like best about socketsite, the RE porn. knockout views and a great sense of style.

  25. Posted by Insight

    Went to an open house in this building in July, 2008. It was for an ~800 sq ft BMR, one bedroom, one bath, w/bonus room and small balcony on the ground floor (no parking) for all of $269,000. Although he qualified and had the down, the Ex-BF unbelievably passed on submitting an application. Such a missed opportunity.

  26. Posted by hjkhjkkjkhk

    THAT pad is absolutely PIMP!

  27. Posted by redseca2

    I guess I could bleach the cats.

  28. Posted by gotoutintime

    Agree it is beautiful but I think I would feel cold all of the time!

  29. Posted by Perry

    Not to be redundant but I love this place. The City can be such a beautiful place. Has everyone seen the wild parrot movie?
    If 365 of us go in together we can sleep there one night a year for $4110!!

  30. Posted by andyc

    I like this building too but would be curious to know if the structure was originally built to be seismically sound. Or if not so much, has it been retrofitted?

  31. Posted by mr. weeny

    I’d imagine this is what heaven looks like. yeesh never seen so much white before. even the birds on the railing are white.

  32. Posted by Financial Samurai

    Wow, now THAT is one sweet bachelor pad! 700 sqft outdoor space to romance someone at night. I can see that.
    Financial Samurai

  33. Posted by anonn

    I like this building too but would be curious to know if the structure was originally built to be seismically sound. Or if not so much, has it been retrofitted?
    I haven’t looked at a seismic map, but since it’s right on Telegraph Hill, I’m assuming it’s sat on bedrock.

  34. Posted by pacific heights engineer

    seismic concerns tend to be over-rated… basically if your building isn’t unreinforced brick (uncommon at this point, and most of the buildings that look brick are only brick-faced), you aren’t on fill or a creek (e.g. marina soma, parts of mission/hayes valley) and you don’t have a soft story, you’re about as good as you’re going to get w/o lots of re-engineering.

  35. Posted by mac

    Anyone who says that SS is full of negative nabobs needs to save this…
    Beautiful place. Worth whatever you want to pay.

  36. Posted by curmudgeon

    Not to dis the bravo’s, because this is truly beautiful and one of my fav. buildings in SF…but isn’t this almost directly adjacent to where a building started sliding down the hill 10 or 15 years ago and had to be carefully demolished? I remember it being in the news for weeks. There have certainly been sites on Telegraph Hill that have had issues..not exactly seismic, but the hill was partially quarried, the rock isn’t all that solid, and the building wasn’t always meant for the ages.

  37. Posted by bgelldawg

    Pacific Heights Engineer: Would you consider this building to have a soft story since it has a garage on the ground floor?
    Curmudgeon: Yes, this is one street over from where the building slid down the hill, but that building was on the edge of a cliff. This one is not.
    This place is stunning and truly one of a kind. It hasn’t been on the market since 1989 when it sold for $462,500. For that price back then, you could have purchased an entire house. For the asking price now, ditto.
    My prediction: This place will sell at or above asking for all cash.

  38. Posted by vapor

    Beautiful. If I could go back to making 2007 dollars, I would be in. Ugh.

  39. Posted by SocketSite

    UPDATE: As a plugged-in tipster notes, 1360 Montgomery #12 is now listed (and official inventory).

  40. Posted by chowder

    This condo was once owned by a hair salon owner and his lover. An old friend of mine worked for him years ago, and while the owner was away on vacation, my friend got to house sit, and we partied out on that deck every day for a week. One night I stayed over in the extra “crow’s nest” that you reach by climbing up some stairs off the deck….it had a little kitchenette and bed, I think one of the pics is of this great little extra space….The building has all kinds of cute deco accents and built-ins.
    The story goes that this hair salon owner grew up in Germany or somewhere, and saw Dark Passage as a child, and always wanted to live in this building. When it came on the market, he picked it up. The place looks just like I remember it.

  41. Posted by bgelldawg

    Editor: The “now listed” link does not seem to work.
    My agent looked at this place and noted that there are two penthouses in this building. The second one, unit 11, appears to be larger. So there is the slim hope that this won’t be the only opportunity in my lifetime to buy a penthouse in this building.
    The deck for the unit that is on the market has the fireplace chimney stacks for the building right in the middle of it. If the wind is blowing, smoke from everyone’s fireplace could come into this unit.
    [Editor’s Note: Link fixed. Cheers.]

  42. Posted by Georgie

    Buying a lottery ticket tonight. If I win I will buy this all cash. If I don’t win I will be on the bus to Benton Arizona and then on to Peru. Wish me luck.

  43. Posted by bgelldawg

    Peru, Indiana?

  44. Posted by georgie

    (Paita, Peru) on the coast of Peru (where Bacall reunited with Bogie at conclusion of “Dark Passage”)

  45. Posted by wow

    Trulia shows this unit sold on 12/15/2009 for 1.48M.

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