According to Curbed, City-Core Development has been granted an entitlement extension through June 2010 to start development on the eight-story and eighty-eight unit 333 Fremont as proposed (click away on the image to enlarge).
No update on the proposed development of 325 Fremont next door. Tipsters?
Rincon Hill’s 333 Fremont Is a Go, Again [Curbed]
The Original Designs (And A Few Additional Details) For 325 Fremont [SocketSite]

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by Michael

    Big fan of the Juliette balconies with French doors. Could do without the larger balconies and as long as they don’t value engineer the hell out of the glass I think it could look kind of cool.

  2. Posted by JimBobJones

    These buildings with the excessive glass always look terrible in real life, even when they look nice in the rendering.

  3. Posted by Gil

    What are the chances, really, that they make the extension and start building by next June?
    With the lack of demand for SOMA units, many sitting empty, some being converted to rentals to help the developer cash flow and the collapse of the dollar/increased expenses for building materials?
    How long will the City keep extending these entitlements?
    What is needed IMO is to let all the entitlements expire as per their original dates and re-look the whole SOMA area development plans.
    The original plan to turn it into a forest of high-rise expensive condos is dead. Ironically, this kind of smaller development – mid-rise and more street friendly – is what SOMA should be rezoned for. Maxing height limits at 15 to 20 stories.

  4. Posted by lyqwyd

    That’s an 8 story building, it’s mid rise, why should the entire process be redone? It’s a fine project, an extension is totally appropriate.

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